Friday, April 23, 2010

Groasis Waterboxx

This is the new Waterboxx system and it is now available for sale! I've been waiting for this for a couple years now. This device will allow us to plant trees without watering it. We can reforest our deserts!

I want to help get these boxes planted everywhere!

Here is the company's website.

Interview with Inventor with his dream of reforesting the world and solving the co2 problem at the same time while creating jobs, food, energy and money as well! He calculated the costs at about $500 billion a year - we've got that money but we'd need to stop spending money on our imperial empire. -

Video of how the box works:

Why you should plant from seed:

Video explaining capilary action:

Presentation in Sonoma, California with Dutch Government in Attendance:

Why plants cannot grow in a desert:

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hydro said...

Back in the day I thought of installing something just like this along the trails leading up Bishop Peak. What stopped me was the idea of having to hike water up repeatedly, and how would I protect the plants from foraging by the cattle and deer that roam the Peak's slopes. This was the first thing that I found might make it possible to re-vegetate a lot of lost light forested areas.