Friday, April 23, 2010

Groasis Waterboxx

This is the new Waterboxx system and it is now available for sale! I've been waiting for this for a couple years now. This device will allow us to plant trees without watering it. We can reforest our deserts!

I want to help get these boxes planted everywhere!

Here is the company's website.

Interview with Inventor with his dream of reforesting the world and solving the co2 problem at the same time while creating jobs, food, energy and money as well! He calculated the costs at about $500 billion a year - we've got that money but we'd need to stop spending money on our imperial empire. -

Video of how the box works:

Why you should plant from seed:

Video explaining capilary action:

Presentation in Sonoma, California with Dutch Government in Attendance:

Why plants cannot grow in a desert:

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Toby Hemenway - How Permaculture Can Save Humanity and the Planet - but Not Civilization

Inspiring presentation by Toby Hemenway - best selling permaculture author of "Gaia's Garden" - the first book on permaculture that gave me the "aha!" moment. Again he inspires hope in this presentation by understanding our history as humans and our inventions and failures at agriculture and where we can go from here with permaculture to create not only a sustainable society, but a regenerative one as well.

Try the first link for his updated presentation, if it does not work check out the 6 part series on youtube below (slightly different but lower production quality).

Presentation from

Alternate Youtube Presentation:







Tuesday, April 13, 2010

LED Lighting Revolution

The LED Revolution is coming... A clever video from a manufacturer of LED's (Used in mainstream companies like GE, etc). If you go to their site listed in the video it has a clever video on how LED's are more natural than Fluorescents (Death/Prison lights! - my own description =P)

Abraham on Natural Disasters and Death

A revealing look at life and death from the perspective of non-physical.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

CoLLapse with Michael Ruppert

Michael Ruppert is the man who woke me up.. He has been right on his predictions of the coming collapse. How we make it through the collapse is up to us. Evolve or die, so true!

The movie is now available to buy through iTunes.

Out of Control

Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis has very interesting and revealing reports on how our society is operating and how it is failing and why. He used to focus more on the money system but now he is writing about the nuts and bolts of society.

A couple recent articles are on Detroit and Los Angeles on the brink of bankruptcy that are worth checking out. However, the motviation for this post is on the business of trash collecting.

A man in san francisco was able to charge his neighbors $10/week and make a profitable business compared to $37/week of the monopoly trash company. After the monopoly found out they complained to the city and a law was passed to force everyone to have mandatory trash service through the monopoly and then prices were raised again shortly afterwards! There is also a breakdown of Seattle's trash service showing they are paid about $110,000 a year and are wanting more and about to strike. The real surprise to me (maybe not to you) was that the employees are paid $1600 a month for health insurance!

Our system is broken and held back by rules and regulations.

After my recent trip to mexico I can see that they really have more freedom than we do.

For example with food, there was delicious and affordable food made by locals sold at the park of their farmers market and also a great local restaurant serving burgers cooked up on a grill on a sidewalk. A small building was rented out to cut up the veggies and make the fries and drinks. No high rent, no health department rules, etc.

Those that seek control are for lack of a better word, "out of control".

Even the environmental and sustainability movement that is pushing for carbon taxes, etc. We need SOLUTIONS, not REGULATIONS. Lets get truly renewable sources of energy created and start reforesting our land to capture back the carbon. How about creating bio-char from all our agricultural waste? There is evidence that it could significantly help to stabilize climate change.

We need to focus our energy on what we want. This is how the universe works. Think about it. Does complaining really do anything? Sure it gets us upset.. but what has to happen after that? We have to make a change. And I hope we are starting to realize that these changes must be big steps.

Lets start trusting people to take care of themselves. We live in a natural world that is governed by natural laws. These are the real laws we must respect. Things like carrying capacity of our planet.

But if we take a step back and really look at the world we can see that there really is true abundance. For example a wheat seed sown creates dozens more. Abundance is built into the system. We have a constant supply of NEW energy given to us every day by the sun and the wind. How we use it is up to us.

Relying on fossil fuels and creating rules to limit humans is creating artificial scarcity and unnecessary suffering.

I believe our problems would be solved if we believed and enabled a truly free market and if we focused on SOLUTIONS. Allow anyone to do anything. No rules, fees, licenses, etc and allow people to be free enough to IMAGINE.

So let us imagine a free world. The burden of responsibility of accuracy and safety would lie on the business and customer. The business would go out of business if their product was unsafe or unpopular. The customer or a third party organization would be wise to research the business and tell others who is good and who is not.

We also must get over the concept of 100% safety. We are all human. People make mistakes. The cost of "insurance" has risen out of control for many reasons but a few that come to mind. We force only "licensed" doctors to practice. These doctors must go through years of expensive schooling with massive loans and then have "malpractice" insurance and "workman's comp" insurance, which are also rising out of control.

We need to allow alternative doctors that do not need to pay these high insurances to practice, they will be able to bring the cost of healthcare down. We could also more efficiently spend our money by having a focus on preventing disease rather than treating disease once it arrives. Patients opting for these alternative doctors could sign a waiver to acknowledge they cannot sue the doctor. An alternative could be where doctors can choose to join an organization (one of many) that tests their doctors and "certifies" them, which they can advertise to their customers to help rely the essential factor of trust.

Keep in mind that even with our laws and regulations we still have doctors that make mistakes all the time. The laws and insurance do not stop the problems. They only make more problems.

Now I know we need some simple laws in the world. Laws like not being able to kill someone, etc. But I hope you understand my point and can see how society is falling apart because of our fallacy of control.

Really think about how society works and why. And you'll realize we do not need laws or money. This world works on relationships and the glue that bonds it together - trust.

This is what we need. To trust each other that we will help each other and it will work out. We need to come together and build our communities again. Our economy is broken and is not coming back to how it once was. We are past that. We must create a new world. We must fundamentally re-evaluate our system and re-design it from the ground up. We need to stop complaining and rushing to pass laws and regulations to "tweak" this system. We need fundamental change.

For example our money system is a monopoly and a handful of international banks are in control of the global economy. They control if we feast or famine. They control how much money is in the system. If we have more money we grow, if we have less money we shrink. We need alternative money systems so we can choose what to use. We need the money system controlled by the people so we can decide if we grow or shrink. I suggest we link our money system to our carrying capacity.

We need to create an alternative money system. Our government can create its own money free from international bankers. Our past presidents have done this. We need to break free from our attachment to banks and loans. This is killing our society. The housing market is broken and will not make you rich. Get over it. Housing rents are slavery and are holding us back from doing what is really needed in our society. We work to pay loans to a bank or to pay someone else to pay back their loans to a bank. At first this system worked well and has a purpose. But now the system is broken and we need a new one. We do not work for human enlightenment. We do not work for joy. We do not work for our community. We work to pay the banks.

At what point will we collectively stand up and take back our world? How much suffering do we have to endure? How many more people are going to lose their homes? How many more people are going to stay up late worrying about money? How many more species have to go extinct? How much more topsoil do we have to lose? How much fear and depression do we have to endure? How much prozac do we have to make?

Furthermore on the subject of Abundance and Freedom vs Scarcity and Control - Look at our biggest expense. Wars and Military. This is due to fear and subsequent the attempt at control. We need to give up control of the world. We cannot afford to try to do this anymore. Iran, North Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine - all of them are fighting back at our contol and force. They want independence. Imagine for a moment if we took our 500billion+ a year trying to FIGHT and used the money to HELP these countries, and HELP OURSELVES to become sustainable with energy and our economy.

And look at our "war on drugs" and the cost of putting people in prisons. Our governments are going bankrupt, we cannot keep fighting this fight. We will never win.

So let us ask ourselves. What are we really doing here on earth? I'd say the ultimate goal is to allow everyone access to what we need, basic food, water, air and maybe more importantly, the feeling that we all have a reason to be here. A feeling that we are part of society and we are all moving forward together and that we care and help each other. So lets focus on that. We need to collectively close our eyes, take a deep breath and let go of our control. Then it is time to wake up!

We must imagine the ideal world that we want.

We can do this.