Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bill Gates on TerraPower

A must see! One of the richest men in the world putting his time, energy, heart and most (sadly) important thing (money) to good use! He is investing millions into TerraPower - which is a radical advance in Nuclear technology that will allow us to burn up our current "waste". These new reactors will not need to be manually re-filled, they will be dug vertically into the ground and will last for decades until all the fuel is burned up.

All this news of big changes coming is soothing my anxious soul..

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Good News!

I found some absolutely great news tonight that I found over at! It's all coming so fast. what an exciting time to be alive. Look what we can create when we want to! Onward!!!

I remember reading about neighborhood fuel cells. well thanks to a smart move by the government the first ones are shipping. they are very expensive and only big companies like google are buying them, but like with all technologies, what was once very expensive becomes cheap with time and advancements! yes! - Bloom Energy -

New Thin Solar Panel uses 1/100th of material but gets same energy efficiency as regular solar. the inventors believe the product will be integrated into clothing!! yes!! -

New technology increases our ability to capture co2 by 400%. the technology is getting close to the complexities of DNA! wow.

CLEVER! Device mimics leaches to eject itself once it's fully charged -

Good use of our government - it will create the largest solar thermal plant in the world and double our capacity!! yes! -

It doesn't stop! New material invented that could be used as the body of a car and store the electricity to power it at the same time!!! wow!!

There are lots more good news on that you can discover for yourself. news of increased bio-fuel use and lots of efficiency improvements that will buy us more time as we go down the back side of the peak.

Obama's administration is a much better improvement than Bush. Be grateful for the change even if it's not enough.... We're making progress!!