Sunday, November 22, 2009

Challenge your World!

La Chaussettologie - Challenge your world from Desrumaux Celine on Vimeo.

pretty genius I think.... a better world IS possible. and we are creating it right now! no need to fear, its all going to turn out just the way its supposed to.. :)

http://www.challenge - the plantain idea is great!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Positive Worldwide Change Idea

Here's a quick sketch of an idea to make a video petition and online movement around: - I'd like to get your feedback on this!

Objective: To create a positive, fun, cartoonish video that the whole world can understand and will inspire people to ask for an improvement in their lives.

Visual Start: Tell people that here is an idea. show someone talking and point to a cartoon globe (inspired by the story of stuff).

Content: ask the top 1% or whatever small percentage (show small number of people) to make their names forever eternal in earths history (or some other epic name for this gargantuan deed) to hand back half of their money spread evenly to the rest of the inhabitants of earth - the remaining 99% of people (show numbers).

This would double everyone's income for that year. Think of it like a christmas bonus for all of earth. Do you love earth? Do you appreciate what it's given you (show all abundance of nature and people and creations and technologies and luxuries)

This may sound like a a lot of change, but if you think about it - the lower 99% would still have 45% less than the top 1% (need catchy name for them-leaders,overlords,etc heh and show number).

Raising the income of the lower 99% (show number of people) - (example someone making $30,000 gets $60,000) - would make a very serious impact to improve their standard of living and happiness - and simultaneously create the biggest boost to our economy's growth in the worlds entire history. Or the money could be spread evenly - a set flat amount. I'd have to do the calculations on this.

-what do you all think? any ideas? other catchy points that could be universally understood? please leave them in the comments section.

My own rebuttal - I know this would be have the potential to just be temporary. such as if laws were not changed, jobs did not change, mental attitudes did not change, etc that it would go back to the way it was - but think about this - if people had more money they would have more time to think. and the more time to think, and since everyone just wants to be happy -then we will increase the rate positive change so everyone can enjoy and grow from this experience.

Visualize the idea in action: Imagine you living your life where if you wanted to, you could take a year or two off and really think about life. you could have the freedom to do whatever you wanted to do. Or you could keep at your job but be able to afford the things you really needed to make that free energy invention. Or create that new musical instrument. Or create that cure for cancer..... :)

A world with no fear of money. just simply passion for life. imagine that.

Update: the numbers of doubling and the top whatever percentage of money are just a starting point. it could be top 2% and we increase our income by 5x ... whatever the 75% of people in the world agree on - and that number can be different too!

Please share your ideas!

Update: Catchy quick slogan - "How to increase 100% of the people of the world's happiness" - 99% get more money, %1 feel good about their impact/legacy/responsibility

Update2: Ok so if people are against "something for nothing" aka "a gift" then perhaps everyone could have an equal amount of money if they wrote a paper on what they plan to do with the money, which would give them a chance to really think about it. Combine this with self-improvement brochures or other info to help empower people.