Monday, October 19, 2009

Plasco Energy Group's Zero Waste Technology

Plasco Energy Group is from canada that has been working on this plasma technology since the 80s. Their first plant has been in operation since 2007. Now I read that they are in talks with Salinas, California! Their plants takes municipal waste and turns it into energy and resources we can re-use.

Here is a graphic showing what is created from waste that would otherwise go to the "dump".

So glad to see a way to make use of things we cannot recycle such as old toothbrushes, plastic wrappers, etc.

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Greg Ellis said...

Check out Preserve toothbrushes...they're recyclable and from recycled goods...the coolest part is that I think the company has a deal with Brita (water filters) wherein toothbrushes make filters or visa versa. And everybody knows, filters save us from single-serving bottled water.

This is definitely preferable to a dump, though it sets up an odd equation that encourages 'waste' i.e. excess consumption. Cal Poly actually planned to get one of these contraptions donated, before the economy collapsed, and used that 'fact' as an excuse against doing food composting. "Why start composting when we could just burn it all," was their rationale.

When it comes down to it, the ultimate solution is invest in the complexity of our products...we should get the most out of the energy we put into things. Even though plasma is awesome, burning stuff should be a last resort, wasting the value inherent in nutrients and materials. In terms of dollars per pound of value, recyclables/compostables are highest.

Also, I wonder whether the power saved by NOT producing excessive packaging and disposable goods might outweigh the power generated by consuming unnecessarily.

However, since it is more difficult to modify human behavior, harnessing it isn't a bad thing. And where proper infrastructure to recycle doesn't exist, burning is actually a common practice to prevent waste build-up. Of course common burning emits bad stuff, and the poorest countries with the worst disposal problems can't afford clean plasma.

Cool post!

Zachary Stowasser said...

We can have a city governed composting system like san francisco along with this system since we're not yet to the point where everything is recycleable. packaging is a necessary evil. if only they can make it recycleable!

thanks for reading and posting greg!

Zachary Stowasser said...

also just because things are recyclable doesn't mean that our local recycling people will take it and recycle it! a great example is styrofoam

Amanda said...

Thank you for posting about Plasco Energy Group!

It's true that even in places like San Fransico, despite fantastic recycling efforts, a significant amount of waste is still being sent to landfill. Plasco is an evironmentally friendly solution for those materials that cannot be recylced.

I invite you to check out our animated video on how the process works:

Should you need any more information on Plasco, do not hesitate to contact me at