Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Zeitgeist 2: Addendum

Much better than the first film as this one focuses on sustainability and why we need to have that as our number one priority. It also touches on our money system and why it is unsustainable (quicker explanation than "money as debt") and has a great interview with the famous "economic hitman" on how the american empire operates behind the scenes.

Imagine what we can do as humans if we simply change our priorities! If we do not proactively change, there will be a revolution. Let us work for a peaceful one :)

Chicken Feathers for Hydrogen Storage

Ecogeek never fails to inspire hope. Following the trend of using waste as a resource, scientists have found a way to use the protein in chicken feathers to create low cost hydrogen containers. Reducing the cost from $30,000 per 20 gallon tank to $200 !

Hydrogen can be burned in existing gasoline cars, reducing our need to create brand new vehicles for everyone. It is not too difficult to convert our gasoline engines to hydrogen and we can create the hydrogen at home through electrolysis machines which creates the hydrogen from water using electricity. The sustainable solution would require the electricity to come from renewable resources. Similar devices to create the fuel at home have been made for natural gas vehicles.

If we can convert our existing fleet of automobiles to hydrogen, then we can save massive amounts of energy. Yes, hydrogen is not as efficient at storing energy as a battery, but is it possible that saving on making new cars would make up for that difference over the long run? I'd like to see the new america repairing and retrofitting its infrastructure, this would also create many jobs all over the country through small businesses, which is the true backbone of any good nation.

full article: http://www.ecogeek.org/component/content/article/2829