Thursday, April 23, 2009


This device creates condensation and directs the water to storage below which is then slowly delivered to the roots of the baby tree. After 1 to 2 years the box can be re-used and moved to another location to start another tree!

Other advantages are the ability to grow the tree from seed directly on top of the soil or surface you want to plant on, like rocks! This really opens up the possibilities to reforest our deserts, even the areas with eroded topsoil. The trees roots will find their ways through the cracks into the earth and begin the process of building new soil!

One major problem with reforestation in harsh climates is the lack of on site water, so this device fixes that problem since it creates the water from the air! Yes!

I'd like to see these all over the world starting the great work of the 21st century and beyond, to restore the forests of the world to create food for humans and wildlife, fuel in form of wood, cellulosic ethanol and biogas, charcoal for fuel, filters or soil amendment increasing agricultural yields and sequestering co2, build soil, increase rainfall, reduce wind, beautify our landscapes, create shade, and lower temperatures of the surrounding areas including our homes and businesses!

Tests in the Moroccan Sahara showed that 90% of the trees planted using this technology survived while those planted on their own didn’t, even though they were watered every week!

The Waterboxx was invented by Pieter Hoff, a Dutch businessman and inventor. It has won the Beta Dragons Award during the Flying Dutchman 2008, Science & Technology Summit in Amsterdam. The jury proclaimed his design to be “the most promising and innovative project." Its inventor "is convinced that, if the right species are planted, large parts of the earth can be reforested, without sacrificing agricultural land. He is seeking investors to apply his invention in the Middle East, India, Africa and other arid territories. Hoff: "If we can reforest 2 billion hectares, the trees consume more CO2 than men produces and the whole CO2 problem will be solved." His WaterBoxx will be available from July 1, 2009.

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