Thursday, April 2, 2009

Renewable Natural Gas & Gasoline = CO2 + electricity + water + bacteria!

This is the most exciting news I have heard in a long time. This gives me hope for the human race!

It's called electromethanogenesis. Basically uses bacteria to create methane (natural gas) or methanol, which can be converted to gasoline!

This technology involves using electricity to generate from co2, but this could be from all sorts of renewable resources - geothermal, wind, solar, wave, etc. The catalyst for this technology is bacteria!

I see a trend these days that blends ecology with technology to create amazingly efficient new products, this I believe is the future. Working with and mimicking nature!

Can you imagine a box outside your house that can produce your cooking, heating and motoring fuels by using co2 from the air, water and electricity from your solar panels? talk about freedom..

more info can be found here at the abundant

A great vision about a CO2-fuel powered world can be found here -


Anonymous said...

Bug eats electricity, farts bio-gas

Radiance said...

Hi Zach, I came across you blog while browsing through another blog related to eco-conservation. Good to see people like you dedicated to sustain our beautiful planet. We're previlaged to be living here. Keep up the good work! :)