Saturday, February 28, 2009

Deep Pipe Irrigation

This is a great idea for establishing trees and bamboo pipes can be used. Small holes are drilled along the sides and buried straight into the ground or at an angle to let the water seep in higher first as it falls down the tube. Compared to having drip emitters on top of the ground, deep pipe irrigation allows the water to reach deeper into the soil and encourages deeper roots and has proven higher rates of survival!

Studies in this pdf show how trees in the desert survived after a three year drought. For those who wish to help reforest hills and landscapes, this would be a good idea to reduce water usage and encourage survival. Water can be hand delivered and poured in or setup on drip systems.

I posted the pdf over at a social networking site for permaculture I setup. The download link for the pdf can be found here -

More information can be found here -


selfreliance said...

I've done similar when planting small fruit trees when I lived in the high mountain desert, except I used long, narrow funnels (new, clean transmission funnels from an auto parts shop). I figured that the wider opening would allow more of the infrequent rain and the morning dew to reach the roots rather than be burned off by the sun. I did install the funnels at about a 23 degree angle (with holes along the underside) to spread any possible moisture into a wider area. Also, putting the tip of the funnel into a small mass of something like very coarse steel wool or a copper coils kitchen scrubber helps keep any rushing water from creating a small underground cavern, right where a tree doesn't need it.

Great post! Thanks for jogging my memory.

Zachary Stowasser said...

thanks for the info! good tip on the extra material at the bottom, metals would be long lasting but maybe some wood chips or other woody mulch at the bottom instead? I imagined the pipe top would be above the ground so that the water going in would be human directed, but flush to the ground would allow runoff, could be a good tool in a net and pan system (swales in a grid system and angled ground to each corner where the tree lives)

KL said...

if this blog is intended to help us to "proactively learn how to live without fossil fuels" perhaps you should refrain from promoting use of "PVC" [pipes]. Not only is PVC made from fossil fuels, it also is a nasty plastic which has been banned in several countries. there are other alternatives, like HDPE, out there. please stop being so careless in your posts!

Zachary Stowasser said...

KL - thanks for your comment!

bamboo can be used instead. I'd use that or any pipes available, ideally using a waste as a resource.

I did not make the graphic that mentions PVC. Just posted it from source! I suppose I could edit the graphic and type in the words "Plastic Pipe" but then maybe you wouldn't be happy with that?

However, Plastic can be made from plants and I believe plastics are very useful. And I'm not a plastic expert so I can't elaborate further, but if you know more please enlighten me and I can update the post or add another one on the subject!

installing irrigation systems said...

definitely great idea! i am going to try this on my private garden trees at home. thanks a lot for sharing!