Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mr. Phiri - The Man Who Farmed Water

One of the best designs for sustainability. This man from Zimbabwe designed his own system to sustain himself and his family, while his neighbors were (and still are) dependent on international aid for their survival.

Read and be inspired! This is from Brad Lancaster's book "Rainwater Harvesting Volume 1"

Read the story for free online here


1. Granite dome
2. Unmortared stone walls
3. Reservoir
4. Fence with unmortared stone wall
5. Swale/terrace
6. Outdoor wash basin
7. Chickens and turkeys run freely in courtyard
8. Traditional round houses with thatched roofs
9. Main house with vine-covered cistern and ramada
10. Open ferro-cement cistern
11. Kraal--cattle and goats
12. Courtyard garden
13. Swale
14. Dirt road
15. Thatch grass and thick vegetation
16. Fruition pit in large swale
17. Crops
18. Dense grasses
19. Well with hand pump
20. Donkey pump
21. Open unmortared wells
22. Reeds and sugar cane
23. Dense banana grove

(Illustration by Silvia Rayces from a drawing by Brad Lancaster)

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