Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Permaculture: Bill Mollison in the Tropics

More Bill Mollison Goodness. He talks about how in the 60s he tired of being an activist and found it was more effective to put his time into designing sustainable human settlements. I call this human habitat restoration! He invested 30 days onto his property to design and plant it and now it takes care of itself and he just forages and relaxes in his backyard for food! Be the change.

Bill Travels to Africa and India to catch up on his permaculture projects he started there, which have really flourished and now the locals are teaching eachother and the knowledge is spreading! Check out the biogas system in India where they use the gas to heat their food! We're going to have to think of alternatives to natural gas as it is not sustainable, and ways to process our waste. Biogas combines both, plus the "waste" becomes fertilizer! I love permaculture.

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