Friday, September 12, 2008

The End Of Suburbia

This film really put the whole American system into perspective for me and like many others for the first time, I truly "got it". Our way of life is on an un-sustainable path with dire consequences if we wait for others to fix the problems and do not act ourselves.

The film discusses the history of suburbia and the economic growth that was fueled by access to cheap oil. It also talks about the peaking of natural gas (soon as well) and the history of the 70s farming revolution which greatly increased food yields by being dependent on nitrogen fertilizer which is made from natural gas and gas/diesel to harvest,process and transport the food to market.

Essential viewing for anyone in North America. Disclaimer: This film is from 2005, so their perspectives on solutions are a little dated and pessimistic, but the unprecedented severity of the problem in human history is still the same. The future is not written in stone, is up to us to create it! The sooner we prepare for the transition and create a vision of abundance for the future, the better our lives will be!

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