Friday, September 5, 2008

Carrot Mob: Make it Rain!

Carrotmob Makes It Rain from carrotmob on Vimeo.

Everyone needs to buy things. But we tend not to spend our money in a socially organized way. So Carrotmob, a new environmental advocacy group, had an idea: what if those seeking the same kind of product got together, pooled their dollars, and used them to collectively support local companies that were also doing the most to save energy and help the environment? Watch what happened when Carrotmob pulled a big crowd together to spend a lot of money at the local liquor store with the strongest environmental commitment.

We have the power. There are more of US than THEM.

This is why I believe in the power of the Transition Towns approach. Which says we can have a BETTER future, if we start now and work TOGETHER!!! We need to be POSITIVE. We need to approach this from a SALES perspective. No one is motivated by getting LESS. People will do things if they think they will get MORE!

Lets get through this by creating Abundance! And we could have party and aBUNdance as Brad Lancaster would suggest!

For more info visit CarrotMob's Site.


Anonymous said...

Correct me if I am wrong, but this us vs them, "we can work together" "lets pool our resources", etc. Is this not the verbiage of the collectivist? And the word MOB. That is what our founding fathers feared was it not.

I guess you may have good intentions here, but that is what paves the road to hell. Not that I am against volunteer co-operation, but I did not get that sense here.

Zachary Stowasser said...

I did not come up with the idea or the name. But I believe in the power of unity under positivity and clarity and truth. If people learn to think critically and to take care of themselves and their communities with sustainability and resilience in mind, there is no need to fear the words used, just look at the actions.

Did you watch the video? It's very powerful. Any tools can be used for good or evil, how we choose is up to us. The future is in our hands.

richferguson said...

The meaning behind this is grand. It doesn't matter at this level if it is a perfect use of collective resources and unity. It is a message and a direction in getting our society to start thinking about more than ourselves. I will say that the the narrator was incorrect when he said that nobody misses out... The twenty something other businesses did... but they likely got the lesson.

Thanks for sharing big Z!

Max Ostap said...

Problem is, i don't think there is any kind of environmental crisis. All i see is a bunch of con artists trying to figure out a way to tax people by exploiting their altruism.

So Rothschild Jr throws a concert and pays Gore to go around with his "science" to scare everyone into thinking that hot summers are somehow unusual and that polar bears can't swim. And his solution? Tax of course.

Furthermore, its being made into this global guilt trip for everyone else with all these cum-for-brains college students out to "save the world" by demonizing plastics and other industrial materials.

Sustainability is one thing - its about individual independence. Not about fucking "global warming".

So no i can't get on this train Zach, i think its complete bogus bullshit.

Also i'd be careful what your "power of unity under positivity and clarity and truth" really stands for. Because it sounds like one of Obamas pep talks. Abstract feel good nonsense. When you stop questioning and just go with these empty slogans you can be easily manipulated into doing things you might later regret.

Sorry dude, don't hate me but thats honestly how i felt after looking at this stuff. It nauseates me.


Zachary Stowasser said...

Yeah its really too bad that people are focusing on global warming when sustainability really is the bigger issue. A recent study showed in north county, 50% of the people were offended by the word along with carbon footprint, etc ! So I totally understand.

I just looked into logic of the TOOL and wanted to share it.

Positivity really works. So does visioning your future. What kind of a future would you like? A positive one or a negative one? What makes you feel good? Being cynical or being inspired? It's not bullshit!

Power of unity under clarity and truth * combined with critical thinking - how about that? :)

I think the common thread in your rant is that people jump on a bandwagon without thinking - this can be dangerous, yes. People need to think for themselves!

I think if people realize peak oil is coming soon and we switch off fossil fuels, it will reduce any worries of catastrophic climate change - yes I know the universe is heating as well, with solar flares and co2 does not cause warming to start (co2 lags historically) -- but it can trap heat and multiply the effect. thats where the fear lies. HOWEVER - climate change models use fossil fuel scenarios that are ever increasing for decades - not models that peak and decline, which will be happening in the next decade or so due to peak oil, peak natural gas, and peak coal, peak uranium, etc - see Richard Heinberg's "peak everything".

Small is inevitable in the future. We have little time and much work to do to prepare.

If you are worried about rothschilds, rockefellers nwo, etc then the solutions are still the same - relocalization.

Getting away from globalization and increasing the self-sufficiency of yourself and your community.

Lets stop fighting against what we don't want and start focusing our time and attention to what we DO WANT!!!!!

Max Ostap said...

The heat will pass like it has before.

Human made CO2 is so insignificant its not worth talking about.

The fear you are talking about is generated by the same people who want to tax you to relieve you of that fear.

Following that bearded asshole in the video to "send a message to businesses" that told his organization that they will use the money to install energy efficient light bulbs is anything but "Power of unity under clarity and truth * combined with critical thinking". Sounds more like a clever scam to get all these morons to spend money there.

I wonder what his cut was.

I am not debating positivity, i am simply saying that wide-eyed optimism is worst coupled with the word "mob" and crowd mentality. Because as the poster says - "none of us are as dumb as all of us".

My opinion about the video hasn't changed. I don't disagree with most of other stuff you say however.

Anonymous said...

OK, I like the basic IDEAL here, and I've thought of it myself, but you have followed through and done a test run, Great Job! I think calling it something like Unity Economic Group or something similar, how about Green Economic Movement? Something to show unity, group think, etc, something to show that the goal is green, less carbon footprint, and something to show uniqueness.

Another idea would be to form groups that would actually purchase green energy by funding a large PV solar area in their neighborhood or perhaps some wind power installations, and share the energy. Bigger installations could be made that way, and it would start a small rural green revolution that might just help turn this country around. There is something called the "Wind Tamer" that would be excellent for neighborhoods, quite, effecient down to 1 mph wind, and large enough to make a difference, yet only 20 feet high installation. Perfect for neighborhoods! Google it!

Zachary Stowasser said...

Anonymous - Hello! I like the GEM name!

There is an island in Denmark called Samso which created co-ops to fund wind, solar and biomass projects. The island is 100% renewable energy and exports the excess to the mainland.

They have big plans for biofuels (rapeseed) with the waste fed to cattle and they plan for hydrogen to be made with excess wind energy to fuel future hydrogen vehicles to be truly 100% renewable energy powered on the island!

read me about samso here

Max - I know my names aren't great. just off the top of my head.

The message I think everyone should understand is: If we realize our power when combined, we could really turn this ship around...