Thursday, September 11, 2008

The amazing power of Algae

I've been getting a lot of emails about algae recently. This video first in particular about a closed loop bio-reactor which the man proclaims could fuel all of the US with a small area in new mexico!. I'm not sure of the validity of that claim but depending on the source of energy making the algae (hopefully renewable), it could definitely be a piece of the puzzle to transition to a sustainable world.

A quick youtube search brought up a few more inventive uses. Such as using exhaust from power plants (natural gas and coal) to create algae and then to use that algae for other uses, such as creating bio-diesel, ethanol, health food, paper, bio-plastic, animal feed or hydrogen! Plus, the algae reduces pollution by 80%!

Not sure of the EROI on these technologies but I like the direction that we're going. In nature there is no waste, one system's waste is another's fuel. We need to start valuing our waste stream and start re-using it! It's too valuable to throw things away to the air or the landfill! For example, I'm now keeping my plastic bags and washing and drying them inside out for re-use. Works well clipped on to a clothes line outside. And saving food in sealable containers (aka tupperware) so we don't use any throw away plastic wrap or aluminum foil!

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