Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Seven-Day Weekend

from karmatube

Ricardo Semler built a company that breaks all the rules. He encourages his employees to play hooky, tells them not to bother with growth plans. Workers choose their own salaries, set their own hours, and have no job titles. Ridiculous? Inefficient? A recipe for chaos? Perhaps. But over the past six years, Semler's company has increased its revenue from $35 million to $212 million. And with over 3,000 employees, it has virtually no turnover! Here's an interview with this maverick--and author of the best-selling book, The Seven-Day Weekend.

I also really like his attitude toward schools - it is very similar to mine. Children (and adults) learn when we want to. We can't force people to learn or do anything if we want to be effective and not waste most of our time. I would like to see more independent study in schools, with teachers being there more as mentors to guide students. I think teaching how to read, write and basic math are important, but above that, we should be giving students opportunities to be hands on in the community. Let us give children the opportunity to learn real skills that apply to their teachings, not just memorizing formulas that will be forgotten shortly after the test is given.

Do we want to teach kids to blindly follow authority or do we want to teach them how to think independently and critically? We are freedom seeking beings who are here to learn and create new diverse thought. If we are to have a prosperous sustainable future, we must trust eachother and allow eachother to be independent and have a part and a responsibility in everything we do.

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