Sunday, May 25, 2008

Peak Oil is expanding into mass consciousness

Ben Stein has an article in the new york times about oil, check out his solutions to maintaining the american lifestyle... coal to oil and drilling on the coasts !

Also, my local paper, the Tribune has an article on Peak Oil this sunday (reprinted from the Associated Press). It's been on CNBC often and also Kunstler was on CNN with Glenn Beck. Even President Bush (who does a great Dr. Evil impression) is talking about limits to world oil supply, even though he doesn't come out and mention the words peak oil. Atleast Bush gave us the straight talk of two options. Increase supply or reduce demand by changing our lifestye, which is a breath of fresh air compared to his boss, Dick Cheney who said "The American lifestyle is non-negotiable".

Congressman Roscoe Bartlett (R), who created a peak oil resolution in congress, thinks of our oil reserves such as ANWR as "money in the bank" and doesn't want us to waste it. But now with oil at $135, he now supports drilling in ANWR, but only if the profits fund renewable energies. Maybe that is a good compromise. But, what if we didn't need to drill in ANWR, and we instead chose efficiency as a short term solution? How about instead of getting your food shipped from 1500 miles away, maybe buy locally instead. Carpool and double your cars gas mileage. Walk and ride your bike, get some exercise, get to know your community and lose some weight in the process.

Please, let us realize how precious this resource is and to use it wisely? We need to use these resources to transition to a clean, sustainable new energy economy. Let's not forever ruin our beautiful backyard and waste the last reserves of oil for short term gain. It's time to grow up and think about the long term consequences to our actions. Being shortsighted is what has gotten us into this mess. We've known about peak oil for decades and nothing has been done. It's time to think about sustainability.

And maybe it's time to listen to our wise and fearless leader of the free world? Maybe we should take his advice to think about changing our lifestyle to reduce demand and dependence on oil. Maybe Bush is on to something, after all, his crawford ranch IS off the grid....

So, let us use the law of attraction and imagine a world without oil. The solutions are out there. Which is probably better for another post or website, but the most exciting one to me is to retrofit our existing investment! There are ways to convert existing cars to run hydrogen and ways to make hydrogen from water and solar power!! We can do this!!

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