Wednesday, April 23, 2008

53 MPB (Miles Per Burrito)

With gas at $4 a gallon and rising and food shortages we are going to be forced to learn how to conserve our resources! Ethanol from corn is not a sustainable solution to peak oil!! We need to relocalize our lifestyle and start reducing our dependence on our automobiles!

An important first step would be to buy your fruits and veggies as locally as possible, support your farmers market! Plus you'll be getting much tastier and healthier food than conventionally grown produce pumped full of NPK and lacking trace minerals and other nutrients. And you will be supporting your local economy and keeping jobs in your area. And if you bike there, you will be getting some exercise and being much more efficient!

Here is some creative bicycle advocacy to show just how much more energy efficient it is to ride a bike than drive a car or even walk! :)

Btw, for really awesome urban bikes, check out Breezer Bikes (Invented by Joe Breeze, the guy who invented the mountain bike and now wants more urban use of bikes, I've ridden one they are so awesome!)

This post below was borrowed from the awesome EcoGeek! -

I just noticed this post about some rather clever bike-advocacy shirts at Carectomy and thought to myself "53 Miles per Burrito is a really excellent slogan...but it's also a really excellent point." The question the human body actually more efficient than an automobile and, if so...why?

A little bit of research tells us that riding a light-weight bicycle consumes about 35 calories per mile. Walking consumes about 100 calories per mile and is, of course, considerably slower.

Driving a car ends up consuming 1,800 calories per mile. This sure makes one think twice about biofuel, doesn't it?

I try to eat about 2,000 calories per day. If that food was converted to biofuel (as most of it could, since most of it is carbohydrates) it would drive a car less than a mile. But if I use it to bike, I could go 57 miles!

So the question remains, how many miles can I extract from a burrito. Well? You may be surprised to discover this, but a Chipotle burrito with beef, beans, cheese, sour cream and guacamole, comes in at an astounding 1,300 calories. Bust a gut with one of those and you'll find enough energy to travel 37 miles. If it were gasoline instead of a burrito, those same calories wouldn't even get you a full mile.

So why is the human body so much more efficient than automobiles?

It turns out that they aren't that much more efficient. Car engines aren't superbly efficient, that's for sure. But what's much more inefficient is the fact that 95% of the net weight of a car is car...only 5% is the driver. With a bike, the equation is shifted significantly toward the weight of the driver, not the vehicle. Only 65 of the 1800 calories used to move the car are used to move the driver. The rest is used to move the doors and the roof and the airbags and the cup holders around with you.

But still, bicycling comes out on top. Our bodies turn out to be almost two times better at converting calories to motion than cars.

Sometimes, if you want to see some powerful environmental technology, you don't have to look any further than your big beefy quadriceps.

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