Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Out of sight, out of mind. Do we realize what we are doing? Are we really conscious? When will we realize that we can't keep living like this?

Do we really understand where our "stuff" comes from, the impacts of making this "stuff" and do we know where it goes when we're done with it?

When will we start thinking about the sustainability of our planet? We can't keep going on thinking only in the short term if we want the human race to survive. At an ever rapid pace, we are destroying our planet and are showing no signs of stopping until most of it will be inhabitable. What about our kids and our grandkids future? Will they have a healthy world to live in? Or will they be asking us what a tree looked like?

If we destroy the planet we destroy ourselves because we are a part of nature. Nature is not our enemy. We must learn to live in harmony with the planet and not against it.

"The Story of Stuff" is a 20 minute film that shows the whole cycle of production, consumption and waste, it's a must see for everyone to get the full picture of our "Stuff".

Visually, artist Chris Jordan is creatively showing us our consumption and unsustainable lifestyle. Here is one of his pieces of works. More works like this can be found on his website, they're worth a peek!.

Plastic Bottles, 2007

Depicts two million plastic beverage bottles, the number used in the US every five minutes.

And most of those plastic bottles end up in landfills which are quickly filling up. Trash from the east coast has to travel farther and farther to find a place to be buried. Trash from Florida travels all the way to Michigan. So does the trash from Toronto. All sorts of problems come from the landfills including groundwater contamination and the burning of methane, a greenhouse gas. Luckily some people and trash companies are starting to change, but it is currently a small percentage.

A great film about our our trash and landfill problem is "Trashed"

I was very inspired after watching this film. The last half shows solutions. Besides reducing our consumption, we should be composting our wet garbage and recycling the rest. As shown in this film, one San Francisco restaurant is able to recycle or compost 95% of their waste!

Here is the preview, the movie is actually much better than the preview looks! You can get a sample of the freegans in the clip, they are hardcore!! You can buy a copy through their site trashedmovie.com

Furthermore, we need to start realizing that life works in cycles and our current lifestyle is based on a linear path. Meaning, we extract everything from the ground, consume it and then bury it in landfills, meanwhile contaminating our environment in the process.

Nature does not work in this way. Nature works in a circular path. Waste is food for something else and it works in and endless cycle. Nature is sustainable. If we want to stick around on this planet for years to come, we need to start becoming conscious of our actions.

Where does our food come from? Where does our trash go? Why does it matter to support a local business? What is money?

I hope you are asking those questions and finding the answers. I'm doing my best to help spread this awareness. Thanks for reading and taking the red pill and I hope you encourage others to do the same.

Much Love

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Tara said...

The Story of Stuff is a great resource; I've introduced many people to the realities of consumerism thru this video. Great blog, as always.