Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Mayan Calendar

The Mayan Calendar started 16.4 billion years ago (big bang) and ends in 2012.

This presentation by Ian Xel Lungold is on the Mayan Calendar and the Evolution of Consciousness. Ian's work along with Dr. Johan Calleman have combined archeology and science with spirituality. Their research shows that our experience in the universe is on a schedule. Our evolution is speeding up by a factor of 20 with each time we move up to a new cycle. Think of it as a pyramid of consciousness.

This film is great and has really opened my mind!! It is truly a must see!! I won't give too much away about it and I'll let Ian do his job. The presentation is a little slow to start, but by the end of the first part you should be on the edge of your seat!!

A disclaimer: Ian gets a little ahead of himself with his predictions in what he expects the world to do after 2004. Some have taken place but not in the levels he was hoping for. But I think that in no way discredits the work they have done in analyzing past history and linking it to cycles in the calendars. I think many of us are anxious for the world to change, but we must realize that it will take time and happen just the way it is supposed to. Life is a beautiful dream and I'm so glad to be alive during this time in history!

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Anonymous said...

interesting info, I will have to sift it through my conscious filter a while and see if it rings true with my instinctual awareness...so far I feel it is based in hoped instead of fear and is something that we all need now.

Debrae said...

Watch this video. It's a whole new (or old) way of seeing the world. We all want some good news, some relief is in order. Our planet is moving forward with or without you. If you plan to stay, this information is a wonderful addition to your tool box of the now.

Zachary Stowasser said...

Debrae!! Yes, thanks for watching and listening.. it sure gives hope, doesn't it??