Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Voter Fraud

Bev Harris ( Hacking Democracy / ) called in to Alex Jones's radio show and gave us this breaking news. So far she has only called one of the many towns that reported zero votes for Ron Paul.


January 9th, 2008

Town of Sutton, NH.

Town clerk Jennifer Call confirmed that Ron Paul had 31 votes, not 0.

The election results were tallied and filled out on a form in public. Then the results were transfered to a summary sheet to be sent in.

Jennifer call admits that the results were not transposed correctly, someone put 0 instead of 31 for Ron Paul. She called it "human error". This is not acceptable. This is not human error.


Ron Paul's 8% results were half of the polls previously (15%), and we know the polls are skewed against him. Obama was also ahead in polls and then lost. Clinton's camp was surprised they won. Hilary Clinton was crying on national television before the election.

Boston Globe says: Hilary Clinton's people kicked out campaign representatives for Obama and Ron Paul.

This is like a basketball game. Even if they'll get caught, the players will cause a foul to stop those who are anti-establishment, such as Ron Paul, Kucinich, or Obama.

19% in New Hampshire are hand counted and 81% are counted one company who uses Diebold machines. Diebold machines have been shown many times how they are easily hacked. One of the executives in the company that counts the votes in NH is a convicted felon for cocaine trafficking. Remember that a CIA plane crashed with tons of cocaine recently.

This video below shows the diebold machines skewing results and courtroom drama between John Silvestro (runs corporation that counts votes in NH) and Harri Hursti (security expert).

Also, Hundreds of votes in NH were classified as "other". We need to keep looking into this.

I hope Ron Paul goes for a recount, it only costs about $67k. Drop in a bucket compared to the $20million we've given him.

However we must be prepared for the recount to be rigged as well. 2 elections officials in Ohio have convicted for rigging a recount in 2004.

A computer programmer testified in Florida about being hired by Tom Feeney (now Florida Congressmen) to hack and rig elections and keep them secret. View his testimony below, it made me cry.

And if you have some more time, check out the HBO Documentary "Hacking Democracy" to get a more thorough understanding of what is going on.

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