Saturday, January 5, 2008

Ron Paul: Bill Moyers PBS Interview

Ron Paul sets the record straight to those who claim he is a racist. To be a libertarian means to view everyone as an individual. To group people is inherently racist. Gays, Women, Blacks and people of all colors, sexes and orientation are simply individuals. Ron Paul doesn't support government grouping people and then forcing businesses or government to treat people differently depending on their group - even if this is perceived as a benefit. If we were to repeal the Civil Rights act, I don't think we'd go back to slavery or segregation.. and I don't believe that is what Ron Paul wants.

Ron Paul also makes the point clear that the government and other politicians running for president don't understand monetary policy, or don't want to talk about it. We're headed for a dollar crisis and we can't keep printing more money to fund an ever growing government and empire. All empires collapse after being overstretched overseas and domestically and then debasing the currency.

Ron Paul is also against corporations having control of our government and warns of a building Fascist state. I agree with Ron Paul in that we should be looking elsewhere for Information, like on the internet. I have given up on the Mainstream Media (MSM). I also agree that we shouldn't let the government regulate the internet, however we should make sure we can sue a corporation if they block access to information. The last thing we need is another FCC for the internet to prevent more wardrobe malfunctions. I'm sure it would be used by the growing fascist state to quell dissenting views.

Another thing we need to do, but Ron Paul isn't talking about it, is to remove the humans rights that corporations enjoy. corporations should only have privileges, just as our own government does. Thom Hartmann has been talking about this fact and goes into detail how this law was allowed to pass illegally! An inside court reporter who used to be a president for a railroad, changed the 'heading' on the court decision that said the railroads DID have rights when the decision is that they DID NOT.



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