Friday, January 11, 2008

No End in Sight

A comprehensive review of what happened in Iraq during the spring of 2003. This documentary is so good. I knew parts of the story already, but this opened my eyes to new facts and put the pieces together sequentially so I could see the whole picture. This film has interviews with former Bush-Administration officials who were in Baghdad running things during the early part of the war, when iraqi's were treating us as liberators and still had hope that we would help put their country backtogether. The former officials are so frustrated with what has happened due to our mistakes that they are now coming forward to tell the story that needs to be heard.

My Summary: Shortly after the invasion of Iraq, there was widespread looting of businesses and government and the military bases. We didn't have enough troops, but also we chose not to do anything. The only thing we protected was the Oil. After that, we fired all the former Bath party members and said they could never work in government. Then we fired the military and didn't tell them they would be given severance pay for weeks. So now we have half a million out of work military men pissed off with supplies from the military bases that were raided. The IED's and attacks on troops started shortly after all of this. The decisions were traced back to Cheney, Wolfowitz and Rumsfeld, not Bush, he is just a puppet.

We had an opportunity to fix Iraq back in 2003, but we screwed it up, possibly intentionally. Our time has come and gone. Now is the time to say we're sorry, explain exactly why we went in (oil, strategic locations), and sincerely say that this will never happen again. We must be humble and human. We can't stop violence with more violence. If we want peace, we must use peace.

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