Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The difference between Obama and Ron Paul

heh. "change", "hope" .... *crickets*


Drewby said...

Obama also opposes invading Iran but he does support opening dialog with them. Really after that it makes me question most of the other points raised in the video.


Zachary Stowasser said...

obama hasn't ruled out invading iran. that's the issue here

well the foreign policy that ron paul has been advocating for 30 years is very different than obama.
obama is for the warfare state. obama has no worries about us going into bankruptcy.

ron paul would not invade iran. ron paul would talk to iran and tell them they are not a threat to us. he would tell iran that we worked out the cold war with russia and they had 40,000 nuclear weapons. these countries are persuing nuclear weapons because they know that we will become friends with them and subsidize their countries if they have weapons - look at the mess in pakistan!! how many more dictators do we have to prop up? we also just gave $20 billion in weapons including smart bomb tech to the saudis..

the other points are pretty obvious, this is where ron paul stands alone and really shines as a beacon of real hope. ending the war on drugs, ending the irs, ending the american empire, ending the national id card (police state, 1984!), and would restore sound money and shut down the illegal banking cartel called the federal reserve who is destroying our money and who caused the great depression and every boom, bust and recession that we have had since their inception in 1913 to supposedly "fix" these problems, when in reality the problems were created by the bankers being greedy and messing with our money.

if we want to fight 'terrorism' (if it really is a threat at all), then we should 1st secure our borders. then we should stop being an aggressive american empire around the world. I dont see obama talking about those at all. He won't bring real change that we desperately need.

we simply can't afford this american empire any longer. we will fall just as rome did. we are already debasing our currency.. how will we pay for the empire when no one accepts our money?

Drewby said...

I dont think it would be wise to rule any actions out in regards to any country. In the case of Iran we are dealing with the same fundamentalism that plagues the administration we currently have in this country and talking will not always be effective. I support Obama's desire to open a dialog with "rouge" nations like Iran but to take options off the table before being fully involved in the situation would be making the same mistake our current administration made.

Zachary Stowasser said...

For the past 50 years we have been in the middle east funding and overthrowing governments to control the area in our interest.

iran wants to have control of their land, without the united states telling them what to do.

by you calling them "rogue", you are classifying them in a negative light.

put yourself in their shoes and you would want to protect yourself too.

we are the american empire and we are agressive and forceful in military AND economic ways around the WORLD to secure our resources and corporate interests.

regarding ron paul's actions: he has been a 10 term congressmen. He's been in washington since the 70s. He has been a lone voice opposing our interventionalism in the middle east and around the world.

ron paul truly wants peace and realizes that our current foreign policy of funding and invading countries only leads to more violence.

ron paul has a book out with his speeches on foreign policy and it reads as a history book, with wise advice that unfortunately fell on deaf ears until now.

here is the link to the book: http://www.mises.org/store/Foreign-Policy-of-Freedom-A-P359C0.aspx?AFID=1

also, do you have any comments on the rest of the points I made? are you concerned with how we're going to pay for this foreign policy in the future? are you concerned about our dollar?

Drewby said...

I call them rouge because they have a leader who has some very extreme positions that are grounded in idealism and not reality. Examples include: holocaust denial, no homosexuality in Iran, etc. I don't believe that Obama would continue the policy of installing governments in areas where we have interests, like I said his position is that we should open a dialog with Iran not simply saber rattle. As for the rest of your points I cant really speak to them because I dont have enough information but I will say that when the first point the video makes is to me an untruth then it casts a shadow over the other points that the video makes. What makes you say that Obama has no worries about us going into bankruptcy? Thats a pretty bold/sweeping statement thats dangerously similar to the broad brush our current president uses when discussing those who oppose him.

Zachary Stowasser said...

irans religion and belief systems are their own. they are different than ours.

who are we to judge them?

america is not perfect either.

I hope you look into the other problems because they are real and serious.

for you to ignore them based on some biased homegrown youtube video would be a grave miscalculation.

obama does NOT care about bankruptcy because he has no problems growing government and creating a 'stimulus' package to fix our economy. our budget has been out of balance for years. our debt is growing like crazy. we are a warfare AND welfare state. if you want to see what is going to happen to america, look at what happend with rome. same problems. warfare & welfare and then debased the currency to pay for it all. eventually the money was worthless and nothing could be paid for and the empire crumbled.

please watch the "sustainable money" post, its 45min long, shows the history of money. After you learn about the federal reserve and fractional reserve banking and how our money is debt, and these loans are created out of thin air and then we pay interest on it!! You'll realize that if our government reduces our debt, our money will also reduce and the whole house of cards will fall. its starting to fall now, that is why obama and the rest (bush, hilary clinton, edwards), want to continue spending and growing government. its really sick and twisted and the reality of it all is about to come crashing down.

Sustainable Money Video (Money = Debt)

Drewby said...

Who are we to judge that someone is nuts for thinking that the holocaust didn't happen or that homosexuality doesn't occur in Iran? I think that makes us fairly normal. I think its also important to point out that the bulk of the international community thinks Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is extreme in his views. I think it might also be important for you to point out that the video is "some biased homegrown youtube video" and not fact which is kind of the way its presented on your site would lend both your blog and the candidate you support some credibility. As for the other points raised in the video, I don't doubt that we are in dire financial straits as a nation but I'm not sure that ron paul's ideas are the proper solutions.

Zachary Stowasser said...

our president and vice president are very extreme and border on dictators.

should china or russia impose sanctions on the USA or invade china or mexico to influence our region?

the video was not meant to be an indepth discussion, but more to show how obama's "change" is very empty. he really is for the status-quo with some minor tweaks. if it hurt your feelings because your an obama supporter, I'm sorry. but i hope you look into the problems that ron paul is talking about and decide for yourself what to do about it. thats what Im doing.

this country needs REAL change, drastic change to save our country. Ron Paul is the only candidate who is openly discussing the answers and he will listen to the people and to congress to work through them.

so even if ron paul doesn't have the best answers, at least he has the balls to tell us the TRUTH. thats what we need as a leader. not someone who will sugar coat things and pray on peoples emotions and say you'll bring change and hope without really knowing (or telling us) the reality that we're in.

btw - my blog is an information resource, based heavily on 3rd party links/videos/pictures. I don't have control over everything. I thought this video did a good job at showing the frustration that I have with obama's campaign of change and hope, that after further investigation shows that he can't bring us change, and i'm not going to hope that he somehow will figure it out.

kudos that he seems less evil than hilary, though :) just strikes me either as another puppet or like many says - lacking in real experience.

ron paul has 30 years experience, and has been warning us about our money and foreign policy. it is finally catching up with us, thats why he is so exciting and is raising so much money and has been gaining in the caucuses. he received 2nd place here in nevada and 2nd place in louisiana recently. hes always above giuliani and will be in the fight till november.

im not sure what 'solutions' your talking about that ron paul doesn't have the right ones for. could you please elaborate?

watch that video (45min long) i linked you and get back to me.

riley rombie said...

Great juxtaposition of the two


Zachary Stowasser said...

thanks for that video.. more reasons to support Ron Paul over Obama. What a mess over there... If we are for spreading democracy, how can we justify supporting and funding all these oppressive countries? When will we stop trying to control everyone and everything...

however there are many reasons to support Obama over Clinton... ;)

if we truly want peace, ron paul is the best choice for president.

and when will people wake up and demand that we shut down the federal reserve banking cartel?!