Sunday, January 27, 2008

Aaron Russo: A True Patriot

Before Aaron Russo died late last year from bladder cancer (August 24th, 2007, RIP), he did an interview with Alex Jones to tell us the truth including a story about his friendship and what he learned from Nick Rockefeller.

Aaron explains that through his growing popularity, he met Nick Rockefeller and became friends. As their trust grew, Nick tried to recruit Aaron to join the CFR. Nick explained the new world order plans for power and control: a "rfid chip" to control peoples money and to track them. Total cashless society. If people got out of line, they would just turn off the chip.

Also, an "event" would happen that would bring us to Afghanistan and the middle east and we'd be looking for people in caves. Nick told him this laughing, saying how stupid people will be to believe this. This was told to Aaron 11 months before 9/11 happened. Aaron didn't put it together until later, that this event is what Nick was talking about! They want to create this fake endless war on terror to control us. In the war on terror there is no enemy, so the war will go on forever! Nick was laughing as he described these plans!

Alex & Aaron also talk about the Federal Reserve and the global banking cartel and how we've had massive inflation and debt since 1913 when the federal reserve took over. Our dollar is now worth less than 4 cents compared to one dollar in 1913. Before 1913 we had no inflation (except for the civil war), people could plan out their lives into retirement without worry about their money and wealth. A loaf of bread cost the same through their whole lives. We need to have our money backed by a hard asset, such as gold, so money can't be made at will. This will limit the size and power of government.

Also, the Rockefeller foundation funded Womens Lib (along with controlling our schools to dumb us down to be corporate slaves: more on that later). By encouraging all women to work, this would allow both parents to be taxed and would break up the family. Allowing the state and schools to shape and control the children's minds and morals. Today, both parents work, sometimes multiple jobs, just to make ends meet. Two parents work for the income of one. People may say is progress, but I think otherwise. We need to protect the family, only one parent should be working, the other needs to raise the children and teach them the truth.

Furthermore, Aaron discusses the Rockefeller plan for One World Government controlled by the bankers and a North American Union and a new currency "Amero". This is why we do not have secure borders and no one cares to save the dollar.

To go straight to the Nick Rockefeller info, skip to about 19 minutes in. The whole interview is great though. Must See. Highly recommended. Aaron lays out the history of how we're now a socialist state and shows how the Federal Reserve and the bankers control the world and the money! They can make as much money as they want! If we are too take back our country and the world, we need to shut down the Federal Reserve System!

Mad as Hell!:

So here we are, still doing partisan fighting. Democrats vs Republicans. Divide and Conquer: An old tactic.

America as we know it has been under attack for years. Slowly, more and more of our freedoms and liberties are disappearing and more control is given to the ever growing and expanding government. Democrats & Republicans must come together to defend the constitution and liberty.

Russo's 1996 video is now over 10 years old and was warning and complaining of the erosions of our liberties and the growth of the police state! This video is not a must see, but worth checking out to see for yourself that these problems are not new. We're lucky that now more people are waking up to realize what the founding fathers fought against (tyranny) and how we have now become the oppressive force that we originally rebelled against!

One subject that I was shocked to learn about in this film was Asset forfeiture: Through the war on drugs, land can be seized and sold for profit. So drugs can be planted and the land, car, etc be sold to further the war on drugs! The story that is told in this film is about a beautiful piece of land was stolen and man was murdered because he wouldn't sell his land to the government to be used for a national park! We need to stop the war on drugs!!

And if you haven't seen it, Aaron Russo's other film "America: Freedom to Fascism", is an amazing documentary on the history of the Federal Reserve and the Income tax: Both created in 1913.


Anonymous said...

It's all true, every word you have written here. I had a light bulb turn on over my head when I saw Aaron Russo's film, America: From Freedom to Fascism. I am mad and I feel like we as Americans are just STUPID for not seeing this and doing something sooner. I can tell you I am doing something now. I talk to everyone I know about it and I send emails to everyone on my email list and I have put together a page on Squidoo No North Amercain Union!. I also do a lot of praying now for change and an awakening of the people. I also pray for bravery because that is what it is going to take to take back our country. We the people have to do it. A new president isn't going to do it and the politicians are not going to touch this stuff unless the people RISE UP and start speaking with one voice. Be Brave! American.

Anonymous said...


A plot to tax both people, and then make them both work for half the original single wage.

Seems like a net gain of (1/2)* 2 = 1.

Plus they both have allowances and the original might pay a higher tax alone so sorry, it doesn't work