Sunday, January 27, 2008

Aaron Russo: A True Patriot

Before Aaron Russo died late last year from bladder cancer (August 24th, 2007, RIP), he did an interview with Alex Jones to tell us the truth including a story about his friendship and what he learned from Nick Rockefeller.

Aaron explains that through his growing popularity, he met Nick Rockefeller and became friends. As their trust grew, Nick tried to recruit Aaron to join the CFR. Nick explained the new world order plans for power and control: a "rfid chip" to control peoples money and to track them. Total cashless society. If people got out of line, they would just turn off the chip.

Also, an "event" would happen that would bring us to Afghanistan and the middle east and we'd be looking for people in caves. Nick told him this laughing, saying how stupid people will be to believe this. This was told to Aaron 11 months before 9/11 happened. Aaron didn't put it together until later, that this event is what Nick was talking about! They want to create this fake endless war on terror to control us. In the war on terror there is no enemy, so the war will go on forever! Nick was laughing as he described these plans!

Alex & Aaron also talk about the Federal Reserve and the global banking cartel and how we've had massive inflation and debt since 1913 when the federal reserve took over. Our dollar is now worth less than 4 cents compared to one dollar in 1913. Before 1913 we had no inflation (except for the civil war), people could plan out their lives into retirement without worry about their money and wealth. A loaf of bread cost the same through their whole lives. We need to have our money backed by a hard asset, such as gold, so money can't be made at will. This will limit the size and power of government.

Also, the Rockefeller foundation funded Womens Lib (along with controlling our schools to dumb us down to be corporate slaves: more on that later). By encouraging all women to work, this would allow both parents to be taxed and would break up the family. Allowing the state and schools to shape and control the children's minds and morals. Today, both parents work, sometimes multiple jobs, just to make ends meet. Two parents work for the income of one. People may say is progress, but I think otherwise. We need to protect the family, only one parent should be working, the other needs to raise the children and teach them the truth.

Furthermore, Aaron discusses the Rockefeller plan for One World Government controlled by the bankers and a North American Union and a new currency "Amero". This is why we do not have secure borders and no one cares to save the dollar.

To go straight to the Nick Rockefeller info, skip to about 19 minutes in. The whole interview is great though. Must See. Highly recommended. Aaron lays out the history of how we're now a socialist state and shows how the Federal Reserve and the bankers control the world and the money! They can make as much money as they want! If we are too take back our country and the world, we need to shut down the Federal Reserve System!

Mad as Hell!:

So here we are, still doing partisan fighting. Democrats vs Republicans. Divide and Conquer: An old tactic.

America as we know it has been under attack for years. Slowly, more and more of our freedoms and liberties are disappearing and more control is given to the ever growing and expanding government. Democrats & Republicans must come together to defend the constitution and liberty.

Russo's 1996 video is now over 10 years old and was warning and complaining of the erosions of our liberties and the growth of the police state! This video is not a must see, but worth checking out to see for yourself that these problems are not new. We're lucky that now more people are waking up to realize what the founding fathers fought against (tyranny) and how we have now become the oppressive force that we originally rebelled against!

One subject that I was shocked to learn about in this film was Asset forfeiture: Through the war on drugs, land can be seized and sold for profit. So drugs can be planted and the land, car, etc be sold to further the war on drugs! The story that is told in this film is about a beautiful piece of land was stolen and man was murdered because he wouldn't sell his land to the government to be used for a national park! We need to stop the war on drugs!!

And if you haven't seen it, Aaron Russo's other film "America: Freedom to Fascism", is an amazing documentary on the history of the Federal Reserve and the Income tax: Both created in 1913.

Ron Paul vs The Candidates: know before you vote

Shows a side-by-side comparison of the candidates and how Ron Paul stands virtually alone on these important issues. Obama does share a few of these issues, but not many. The comparison has links to sources and videos to back up the claims.

Interesting to see how Hilary Clinton does not support ANY of the issues! For all the change that she wants, along with Obama, how do they expect to pay for it all when we're going bankrupt?!?! Do they care about the dollar? The only way they could increase our social spending is to stop funding the American empire and realize the 'war on terror' is a lie.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hold on for the ride

Short update showing that we've been in a 'soft crash' for a while now, with the value of the stock market sliding in 'real money'. Including the fact that the price of oil has increased because of the decline in the dollar. Prechter didn't expect all the massive inflation and devaluation of the dollar back in 2005, he thought gold was overvalued and would fall from $400! Yeah, no one expected Bernanke and our government to rapidly increase our money supply, kill the dollar and prop up/bail out wall street!! The market has been very bullsih (up) for 9 years which is unprecedented, the last crash in 1987 was bullish for 3 years... we have a ways to go!

He expects deflation and suggests to put your money in government backed t-bills for short terms (3months). The problem is that I think he still underestimates the motives of the federal reserve and the powers at be. No one would like to think that the government would want to kill their own currency. But we're going to have to if we want to continue to secure our interests around the world by funding our military. And we're never going to pay back our debts, our budget has been extremely out of balance for years and so is our trade deficit, we print money and it just flows to china,japan and germany! So here's what I think that they're thinking: "If we kill the dollar, the debt goes away, since it is held in dollars and our money supply is based on debt! pure genius! Make way for the North American Union and our new currency the Amero!!"

This problem of credit expansion shows no signs of stopping. The federal reserve made an emergency 0.75 rate cut the day after the world markets lost 5%-10%+. (our markets were closed on MLK day). This move by the federal reserve means they will keep pumping money into this system to keep it going. Look at the talk of "stimulus packages" from Obama, Hilary Clinton, Edwards AND Bush!! This will just make the problem worse!

This system of exponential credit and money supply is not sustainable.

Where do we go from here? Inflation, hyper-inflation, deflation, recession, depression...? We've already had about a 15% loss in less than a month in the us stock market, the Canadian dollar is worth more than ours, we have lost more than 60% against the Euro, the federal reserve keeps our M3 numbers secret (money supply), the world market is losing trust in the dollar, and gold is still climbing to new record highs...

Hold on for the ride, it's going to be a good one!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Cops can search your phone / text messages

oh boy. this needs to be fixed! what an invasion of privacy! from gizmodo.

"Here's a frightening but real proposition: if you are caught breaking certain traffic laws, not only do police have the right to search you—they can go through all your electronic data as well—your text messages, call histories, browsing history, downloaded emails and photos. In a recent academic paper, South Texas Assistant Professor Adam Gershowitz explains that because many traffic violations are arrestable offenses, just as a cop could search your pockets for drugs, said cop can also search your pockets for a smartphone and go through all its contents. The same is true for any standard arrest, and given the amount of data in current smartphones, it's a scary proposition (even for law-abiding citizens like us).

We'll give you the CliffsNotes version of Gershowitz's 30-page article in which he outlines the situation.

The Issue:

While society and technology have changed drastically over the last few decades, the search incident to arrest rule has remained static. Thus, if we think of an iPhone as a container ­­like a cigarette package or a closed box, police can open and search the contents inside with no questions asked and no probable cause required, so long as they are doing so pursuant to a valid arrest.

A Recent Precedent:

The Fifth Circuit's recent 2007 in United States v. Finley is representative. Police arrested Finley after a staged drug sale. The police then searched Finley incident to arrest and found a cellphone in his pocket. One of the investigating officers searched through the phone's records and found text messages that appeared to relate to drug trafficking...­­the court explained that "police officers are not constrained to search only for weapons...they may also, without any additional justification, look for evidence of the arrestee's crime on his person in order to preserve it for use at trial.

The Solutions:

Courts and legislatures can attempt to minimize this invasion of privacy by changing the legal rules to require that searches be related to the purpose of the arrest, by limiting searches to applications that are already open, by restricting suspicionless investigation to a small number of discrete steps, or by limiting searches to data already downloaded onto the iPhone, rather than data that is merely accessible through the iPhone's internet connection."

TASER-Proof Gear

Great for any Student, Criminal or Political-Activist.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The difference between Obama and Ron Paul

heh. "change", "hope" .... *crickets*

Monday, January 21, 2008

Bush tries to pardon himself and crew against possible warcrimes

I hope our current senate still has a spine and hasn't sold all of their souls to the devil quite yet.

this bill did pass back in 2006 :\

"(Sec. 6) Authorizes the President to interpret the meaning and application of the Geneva Conventions and to promulgate standards and regulations for violations of treaty obligations which are not grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions. Directs the President to issue such interpretations through Executive Orders."

Sunday, January 20, 2008

MLK, Greed and Ron Paul

Sign the petition on the war against greed

I can imagine a future where we are motivated by the good of the community, rather than by greed.

Motivation for profit and advancement is admirable. But at some point, the motivation for profit becomes greed. Greed becomes a lust for power. Power over others.

In order for us to attain peace and sustainability, we must realize that we are all one. We must evolve our consciousness and rise above this dualist mind. No more will we accept the actions of power over others. We must realize that we are all currently humans here together on this fragile planet called earth. This 3rd rock from our sun in the milkyway galaxy. We are less than a piece of sand taking place in less than a fraction of time in this infinite universe.

Much love everyone.

Let us remember MLK and his vision.

Ron Paul made this statement today:

It is especially fitting that we take the time to reflect on one man's struggles to defend our Constitutional freedoms during this primary election season. January 15 was the birthday of the great freedom fighter, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and on Monday, we honor him nationwide for his sacrifice and love of liberty for all people.

To me, the timing is more than a coincidence. The American people, regardless of color or creed, have the opportunity to choose a candidate who will uplift the ideals for which Dr. King fought-and died.

The fight for freedom-the preservation of our civil rights-is the fight of our lives. Sadly, after Dr. King's passing we are faced with a violation of our civil rights in the same vein as Jim Crow: The Patriot Act. I have stood against this and all unconstitutional violations of American's civil rights, and will continue Dr. King's charge as President.

Dr. King would be disappointed in our current administration for more than its continued disregard for civil rights, as he stated 'a nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual doom.' We need to change our interventionist foreign policy, and take care of our brothers and sisters at home. Our nation is in a crisis: we are spending billions on war overseas while those around us are suffering and losing jobs, homes, and hope. It is inexcusable; we must solve the economic crisis at home and bring hope to America.

"Dr. King's heroic actions should resonate with us today, as we recognize that our votes strengthen the fight for our civil rights. Liberty is the true antidote to racism, and freedom-- limited, constitutional government devoted to the protection of individual rights-can uplift us all."

Pass The Emergency Assistance for Secure Elections Act of 2008

Representative Rush Holt (D-NJ) has introduced the "Emergency Assistance for Secure Elections Act of 2008". This act will help election authorities using e-voting to convert to paper ballots, offer emergency paper ballots or convert audits by hand counts. We want to make sure that every vote is counted, that every election result is verifiable.

Please use this link below to contact your representatives and show them you want your democracy back.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Ron Paul responds to racist allegations

Ron Paul responds to the rehash of old allegations dug up by the new republic. Ron Paul explains that his heros are Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks and Ghandi. He is also the only candidate who is working for the minorities (and whites) who are in jail/prison for non-violent drug crimes and he would pardon them. Ron Paul would stop the war on drugs and treat it as a medical issue.

No End in Sight

A comprehensive review of what happened in Iraq during the spring of 2003. This documentary is so good. I knew parts of the story already, but this opened my eyes to new facts and put the pieces together sequentially so I could see the whole picture. This film has interviews with former Bush-Administration officials who were in Baghdad running things during the early part of the war, when iraqi's were treating us as liberators and still had hope that we would help put their country backtogether. The former officials are so frustrated with what has happened due to our mistakes that they are now coming forward to tell the story that needs to be heard.

My Summary: Shortly after the invasion of Iraq, there was widespread looting of businesses and government and the military bases. We didn't have enough troops, but also we chose not to do anything. The only thing we protected was the Oil. After that, we fired all the former Bath party members and said they could never work in government. Then we fired the military and didn't tell them they would be given severance pay for weeks. So now we have half a million out of work military men pissed off with supplies from the military bases that were raided. The IED's and attacks on troops started shortly after all of this. The decisions were traced back to Cheney, Wolfowitz and Rumsfeld, not Bush, he is just a puppet.

We had an opportunity to fix Iraq back in 2003, but we screwed it up, possibly intentionally. Our time has come and gone. Now is the time to say we're sorry, explain exactly why we went in (oil, strategic locations), and sincerely say that this will never happen again. We must be humble and human. We can't stop violence with more violence. If we want peace, we must use peace.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

MDI Air Car - A Car that runs on Air!

Cool!!! Hope this comes to the USA! Learn more at

How to hack a Diebold Voting Machine

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Voter Fraud

Bev Harris ( Hacking Democracy / ) called in to Alex Jones's radio show and gave us this breaking news. So far she has only called one of the many towns that reported zero votes for Ron Paul.


January 9th, 2008

Town of Sutton, NH.

Town clerk Jennifer Call confirmed that Ron Paul had 31 votes, not 0.

The election results were tallied and filled out on a form in public. Then the results were transfered to a summary sheet to be sent in.

Jennifer call admits that the results were not transposed correctly, someone put 0 instead of 31 for Ron Paul. She called it "human error". This is not acceptable. This is not human error.


Ron Paul's 8% results were half of the polls previously (15%), and we know the polls are skewed against him. Obama was also ahead in polls and then lost. Clinton's camp was surprised they won. Hilary Clinton was crying on national television before the election.

Boston Globe says: Hilary Clinton's people kicked out campaign representatives for Obama and Ron Paul.

This is like a basketball game. Even if they'll get caught, the players will cause a foul to stop those who are anti-establishment, such as Ron Paul, Kucinich, or Obama.

19% in New Hampshire are hand counted and 81% are counted one company who uses Diebold machines. Diebold machines have been shown many times how they are easily hacked. One of the executives in the company that counts the votes in NH is a convicted felon for cocaine trafficking. Remember that a CIA plane crashed with tons of cocaine recently.

This video below shows the diebold machines skewing results and courtroom drama between John Silvestro (runs corporation that counts votes in NH) and Harri Hursti (security expert).

Also, Hundreds of votes in NH were classified as "other". We need to keep looking into this.

I hope Ron Paul goes for a recount, it only costs about $67k. Drop in a bucket compared to the $20million we've given him.

However we must be prepared for the recount to be rigged as well. 2 elections officials in Ohio have convicted for rigging a recount in 2004.

A computer programmer testified in Florida about being hired by Tom Feeney (now Florida Congressmen) to hack and rig elections and keep them secret. View his testimony below, it made me cry.

And if you have some more time, check out the HBO Documentary "Hacking Democracy" to get a more thorough understanding of what is going on.

Monday, January 7, 2008

10 Reasons not to vote for Ron Paul

I've been seeing these issues come up a lot on "progressive / liberal" message boards. They are misinterpreting a vote against a law with not caring about the subject. Ron Paul simply wants to limit the power of the Federal Government and give it back to the People and the States. And the people who make this argument never talk about the real serious issue that trumps the rest - the coming collapse of our dollar. I will post what they said and my responses below. I found the topic on
The original posts appears to have come from "who would jesus vote for".
Original Post:

10 reasons NOT to vote for Ron Paul!!

1. Ron Paul does not value equal rights for minorities. Ron Paul has sponsored legislation that would repeal affirmative action, keep the IRS from investigating private schools who may have used race as a factor in denying entrance, thus losing their tax exempt status, would limit the scope of Brown versus Board of Education, and would deny citizenship for those born in the US if their parents are not citizens. Here are links to these bills: H.R.3863, H.R.5909, H.J.RES.46, and H.J.RES.42.

2. Ron Paul would deny women control of their bodies and reproductive rights.Ron Paul makes it very clear that one of his aims is to repeal Roe v. Wade. He has also co sponsored 4 separate bills to “To provide that human life shall be deemed to exist from conception.” This, of course, goes against current medical and scientific information as well as our existing laws and precedents. Please see these links: H.R.2597 and H.R.392

3. Ron Paul would be disastrous for the working class. He supports abolishing the Federal minimum wage, has twice introduced legislation to repeal OSHA, or the Occupational Safety and Health Act and would deal devastating blows to Social Security including repealing the act that makes it mandatory for employees of nonprofits, to make “coverage completely optional for both present and future workers”, and would “freeze benefit levels”. He has also twice sponsored legislation seeking to repeal the Davis-Bacon Act and the Copeland Act which among other things provide that contractors for the federal government must provide the prevailing wage and prohibits corporate “kick backs.” Here are the related legislative links: H.R.2030, H.R.4604, H.R.736, and H.R.2720

4. Ron Paul’s tax plan is unfair to lower earners and would greatly benefit those with the highest incomes.He has repeatedly submitted amendments to the tax code that would get rid of the estate and gift taxes, tax all earners at 10%, disallow income tax credits to individuals who are not corporations, repeal the elderly tax credit, child care credit, earned income credit, and other common credits for working class citizens. Please see this link for more information: H.R.05484 Summary

5. Ron Paul’s policies would cause irreparable damage to our already strained environment. Among other travesties he supports off shore drilling, building more oil refineries, mining on federal lands, no taxes on the production of fuel, and would stop conservation efforts that could be a “Federal obstacle” to building and maintaining refineries. He has also sought to amend the Clean Air Act, repeal the Soil and Water Conservation Act of 1977, and to amend the Federal Water Pollution Control Act to “restrict the jurisdiction of the United States over the discharge of dredged or fill material to discharges into waters”. To see for yourself the possible extent of the damage to the environment that would happen under a Paul administration please follow these links: H.R.2504, H.R.7079, H.R.7245, H.R.2415, H.R.393, H.R.4639, H.R.5293, and H.R.6936

6. A Ron Paul administration would continue to proliferate the negative image of the US among other nations. Ron Paul supports withdrawing the US from the UN, when that has not happened he has fought to at least have the US withdrawn from the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization. He has introduced legislation to keep the US from giving any funds to the UN. He also submitted that the US funds should not be used in any UN peacekeeping mission or any UN program at all. He has sponsored a bill calling for us to “terminate all participation by the United States in the United Nations, and to remove all privileges, exemptions, and immunities of the United Nations.”

Ron Paul twice supported stopping the destruction of intercontinental ballistic missile silos in the United States. He also would continue with Bush’s plan of ignoring international laws by maintaining an insistence that the International Criminal Court does not apply to the US, despite President Clinton’s signature on the original treaty. The International Criminal Court is used for, among other things, prosecution of war crimes. Please see the following links: H.R.3891, H.AMDT.191, H.AMDT.190, H.R.3769, H.R.1665, H.CON.RES.23, and H.R.1154

7. Ron Paul discriminates on the basis of sexual orientation and would not provide equal rights and protections to glbt citizens. This is an issue that Paul sort of dances around. He has been praised for stating that the federal government should not regulate who a person marries. This has been construed by some to mean that he is somewhat open to the idea of same sex marriage, he is not. Paul was an original co sponsor of the Marriage Protection Act in the House in 2004. Among other things this discriminatory piece of legislation placed a prohibition on the recognition of a same sex marriage across state borders. He said in 2004 that if he was in the Texas legislature he would not allow judges to come up with “new definitions” of marriage. Paul is a very religious conservative and though he is careful with his words his record shows that he is not a supporter of same sex marriage. In 1980 he introduced a particularly bigoted bill entitled “A bill to strengthen the American family and promote the virtues of family life.” or H.R.7955 A direct quote from the legislation “Prohibits the expenditure of Federal funds to any organization which presents male or female homosexuality as an acceptable alternative life style or which suggest that it can be an acceptable life style.” shows that he is unequivocally opposed to lifestyles other than heterosexual.

8. Ron Paul has an unnatural obsession with guns. One of Paul’s loudest gripes is that the second amendment of the constitution is being eroded. In fact, he believes that September 11 would not have happened if that wasn’t true. He advocates for there to be no restrictions on personal ownership of semi-automatic weaponry or large capacity ammunition feeding devices, would repeal the Gun-Free School Zones Act (because we all know our schools are just missing more guns), wants guns to be allowed in our National Parks, and repeal the Gun Control Act of 1968. Now, I’m pretty damn certain that when the Constitution was written our founding fathers never intended for people to be walking around the streets with AK47’s and “large capacity ammunition feeding devices.” (That just sounds scary.) Throughout the years our Constitution has been amended and is indeed a living document needing changes to stay relevant in our society. Paul has no problem changing the Constitution when it fits his needs, such as no longer allowing those born in the US to be citizens if their parents are not. On the gun issue though he is no holds barred. I know he’s from Texas but really, common sense tells us that the amendments he is seeking to repeal have their place. In fact, the gun control act was put into place after the assassinations of JFK, Martin Luther King, and Robert Kennedy. Please view the following links: H.R.2424, H.R.1897, H.R.1096, H.R.407, H.R.1147, and H.R.3892.

9. Ron Paul would butcher our already sad educational system. The fact is that Ron Paul wants to privatize everything and that includes education. Where we run into problems is that it has been shown (think our current health care system) that this doesn’t work so well in practice. Ron Paul has introduced legislation that would keep the Federal Government “from planning, developing, implementing, or administering any national teacher test or method of certification and from withholding funds from States or local educational agencies that fail to adopt a specific method of teacher certification.” In a separate piece of legislation he seeks to “prohibit the payment of Federal Education assistance in States which require the licensing or certification of private schools or private school teachers.” So basically the federal government can’t regulate teaching credentials and if states opt to require them for private schools they get no aid. That sounds like a marvelous idea teachers with no certification teaching in private schools that are allowed to discriminate on the basis of race. He is certainly moving forward with these proposals!

Remember his “bill to strengthen the American family and promote the virtues of family life.” or H.R.7955? Guess what? He basically advocates for segregation in schools once again. It “Forbids any court of the United States from requiring the attendance at a particular school of any student because of race, color, creed, or sex.” Without thinking about this statement it doesn’t sound bad at all. But remember, when desegregating schools that this is done by having children go to different schools, often after a court decision as in Brown Vs. Board of Education. If this were a bill that passed, schools would no longer be compelled to comply and the schools would go back to segregation based on their locations. Ron Paul is really starting to look like a pretty bigoted guy don’t you think?

10. Ron Paul is opposed to the separation of church and state. This reason is probably behind every other thing that I disagree with in regards to Paul’s positions. Ron Paul is among those who believes that there is a war on religion, he stated “Through perverse court decisions and years of cultural indoctrination, the elitist, secular Left has managed to convince many in our nation that religion must be driven from public view.”1 Though he talks a good talk, at times, Ron Paul can’t get away from his far right, conservative views. He would support “alternative views” to evolution taught in public schools (i.e. Intelligent Design.) We’ve already taken a look at his “bill to strengthen the American family and promote the virtues of family life.” or H.R.7955 Besides hating the gays he takes a very religious stance on many other things. He is attempting to force his beliefs on the rest of America, exactly what he would do as president.

So there you have it, my 10 reasons not to vote for Ron Paul. Please take the time to thoroughly review the records of the people running for office so you know where they really stand. Ron Paul has good rhetoric and he opposes the war but he’s not a good man in the human rights sense of the phrase. He is pretty much like every other Republican but more insidious

My Reply:

These are misinterpretations. These arguments are similar to those made about Iraq. "The Democrats voted against paying for the war, so the Democrats don't support the troops!!!" Be very careful when using this logic. I will do my best to explain.

Keep in mind that with all of Ron Paul's decisions he is for restriction of the federal governments authority over the states. This is a fight that has been going on since the birth of our nation.

Also, the biggest issue here that is being ignored is the value of the dollar and inflation. Without addressing these core problems we will continue to see the middle class shrink in size, the American economy will go deeper into a recession, and we won't be able to fund our welfare programs OR the military - even if we want to. Do any of you know the history of the Federal Reserve and its creation in 1913 and how fractional-reserve banking allows money to be printed out of thin Air? How the dollar is worth $.04 today compared to $1.00 in 1913? How the income tax was created in 1913 to pay the Federal Reserve interest on the dollars they create?

We are faced with the possible collapse of America as we know it. Dismissing Ron Paul and/or ignoring the monetary issue would be a grave mistake. Ron Paul is for liberty, freedom and peace.

#1 - Ron Paul has strong libertarian views. Libertarians think that grouping individuals is racist, this is what Affirmative Action does. Libertarians view all humans as individuals. Black, White, Gay, Straight - all are individuals. The government shouldn't be able to group people and then force other individuals to act based on those groupings. Ron Paul cleared this up in his latest interview on PBS with Bill Moyers.

#2 - The issue of abortion is a distraction. The debate should focus on PREVENTION of PREGNANCY, not abortion. This issue divides us. Abstinence simply doesn't work and its unfortunate this is what most "pro-lifers" push. We need education and availability of condoms, birth control pills, etc. Socially we should be educating that Abortion should be only used as a last resort. Preventing pregnancies reduces abortions, everyone wins. Its time we all come to a compromise on this issue.

#3 - Minimum Wage - yes it is sad that people are paid a "minimum wage" that doesn't reflect a "living wage". Also frustrating that the minimum wage was frozen while Reagan and Bush were in office while inflation kept rising, so the poor essentially had a pay cut equal to inflation over those years. However, the issue here with Ron Paul is against the Federal Government telling the market how to operate. Ron Paul is strongly against price controls. He follows the Austrian School of Economics.

Consider this possibility in the near future when we could have DEFLATION. Businesses could possibly be forced to pay a "minimum wage" that is above what the market desires. Look at what happened with Argentina when their economy collapsed - prices went into hyperinflation, then collapsed and now things are dirt cheap. The government should get out of the way of price controls. If businesses aren't paying their workers enough, they should form unions or strike. Boycott the business. Shun and shame them. I believe change should come from the grassroots and the community, not from government force. No one likes to be forced to do anything.

#4 - How is removing the income tax unfair? H.R. 5484 is from 1984. I'm sure this was a compromise solution and he has since moved on and wants to remove the income tax and replace it with NOTHING.

#5 - Ron Paul supports allowing water and air to be considered "private property" which would allow us to sue someone who pollutes our water and air. This would be a positive for protecting the environment. And face the fact that without Oil, the United States and the world would come to a screeching halt. We must come together and do EVERYTHING we can to make alternative energies a reality. However, without access to cheap energy, we may not have enough energy to build the infrastructure necessary to create the conversion. We should discourage oil use and oil drilling in environmentally sensitive areas, but it may come down to a point where it is necessary for our survival.

Ron Paul is also against Government subsidies of Oil. Let the rich corporations take care of themselves, and allow alternative energy companies a fair chance to compete.

#6 is just plain wrong. Ron Paul would immediately take our navy out of the middle east and send a message to Iran that they are not a threat. He would then carefully take our troops home and talk to the world and send a message of PEACE. How would that give the US a negative image?

Ron Paul is for strong national defense here at home but is against American Empire. The world is still a hostile place, so its premature to dismantle our ICB missile system. I agree that we should move in that direction though. In the direction of worldwide disarmament. Imagine seeing the last nuclear weapon being dismantled!!

#7 - I agree that "marriage" should be left alone. Religious people feel strongly about that. We should follow in the footsteps of other nations and define this as civil unions, and give civil unions the same rights as marriage. And sorry, H.R.7955 shows that he doesn't want federal funds used for this. Not explicitly the he is against the issue. See my original point.

#8 - I don't like the idea of semi automatic guns, and I am strongly against violence. But if people feel a need to hold guns to protect themselves from theft OR to be a deterrent against an oppressive government, they should be allowed to be free and choose for themselves. If we are to turn into a Police State and no one has rights to guns, how will we be able to fight back and protect ourselves against an oppressive Tyranny? The 2nd amendment puts a check against government oppression.

#9 - I think our educational system is a joke. Kids are not prepared or educated when they leave. It needs some serious work. If parents want to educate their own kids or send them to private school they should have the option. Their tax dollars for Education that are not used should be credited back.

I think the real issue with Health care is that it is being done for profit. This is wrong. Either we have non-profit organizations or government, but one way or another. Health care for profit needs to stop. This encourages big pharma and unnecessary procedures and discourages preventive medicine.

#10 - Your argument is baseless. He no where says He is showing his frustration with religion and "merry christmas" being taken out of public view. He is entitled to his opinion. In no way is he advocating reversing the separation of church and state. He is supporting "alternative views" - get it. Teaching kids there is another way of thinking other than the consensus. What a concept. What if everyone thought the world was flat, and this was taught in schools. Wouldn't it be fair to propose an "alternative view" that the earth was round? Then this would allow people to consider other options - EVEN IF THEY AREN'T TRUE. If many believe something, it should be talked about and DEBATED. Not ignored and treated as if it doesn't exist.

I personally believe there is something to the Mayan Calendar and 2011/2012. I trust my intuition and have beliefs that are similar to the Buddhist philosophy of living in the moment and not grasping. My views aren't mainstream and many don't believe it. I think it would be fair for this to be mentioned as an "alternative view" in school.

The New Census: All out Assault on Privacy

Unlike the traditional census, which collects data every ten years, the American Community Survey is taken every year at a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars. And at 24 pages, it contains some of the most detailed and intrusive questions ever put forth in a census questionnaire. These concern matters that the government simply has no business knowing, including a person’s job, income, physical and emotional health, family status, place of residence and intimate personal and private habits.

The questions, as Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) has said, are “both ludicrous and insulting.” For example, the survey asks how many persons live in your home, along with their names and detailed information about them such as their relationship to you, marital status, race and their physical, mental and emotional problems, etc. The survey also asks how many bedrooms and bathrooms you have in your house, along with the fuel used to heat your home, the cost of electricity, what type of mortgage you have and monthly mortgage payments, property taxes and so on. This questionnaire also demands to know how many days you were sick last year, how many automobiles you own and the number of miles driven, whether you have trouble getting up the stairs and, amazingly, what time you leave for work every morning.

The census is mandatory and if you don't fill out the form you can be fined up to $5000.

This information is supposedly confidential, but knowing the government today and their disregard for the law, this information could easily be used to find out when to invade your home, under the authority of the Patriot Act.

There is also another concern with such an intrusive survey. It represents a form of corporate welfare as well as a dangerous wedding of government and business interests into the corporate state. This is true in light of the fact that personal data collected on hundreds of millions of Americans by the government is sold to private businesses. However, it is clearly not the duty of the government, and most taxpayers do not want to subsidize the cost of such market research.

Article I of the U. S. Constitution makes it clear that the census should be taken every ten years for the sole purpose of congressional redistricting. What the founders intended was a simple head count of the number of people living in a given area so that numerically equal congressional districts can be maintained. The founders never envisioned or authorized the federal government to continuously demand, under penalty of law, detailed information from the American people.

Check it out for yourself, page 10 asks the question when do you go to work?

note: I sourced some of this from

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Quantum Physics: Double Slit Experiment, Snowflakes, The Secret and What the bleep do we know?

This experiment shows how the act of observing chooses the fate of quantum particles. Without observing, there are infinite possibilities.

This is part of the science that we are now discovering that is helping us understand how our universe works, and that we have more of an impact in creating our reality than we originally thought.

Another experiment that shows we can change reality is through the snowflake experiments of Dr. Masuru Emoto. Positive thoughts created beautiful snowflakes, pure distilled water was neutral, and negative thoughts were very ugly. There is some speculation on the validity of Mr. Emoto's work, I still find it very fascinating and intriguing.

The above clip is from the 2004 movie "What the bleep do we know?", the first film I saw that talked about quantum physics. Currently there is big buzz around "The Secret", that has more mainstream appeal and name recognition than what the bleep. Unfortunately though, "The Secret" has less science, and more "positive thinking", so many easily dismiss it.

Furthermore, this process of thinking, imagining and really "feeling" what you want truly works! I have been using this method for years, here and there when I truly needed something - such as getting more business because I needed money, or less business because I was overworked. It's still hard for me to believe it, but I know it works because it keeps happening. This also taps into something amazing such as our Intuition. That feeling you get in your gut, or an urge out of the blue to do something - for which you were glad you did - or if you didn't, you had regrets.

Regardless if you believe this or not, the worlds of spirituality and science are merging. Ask yourself, what the bleep do we know?? We're just beginning to figure this universe out.. I think we're onto something amazing and I can feel it. I'll continue to live my life this way and wait patiently for science to "prove it".

Ron Paul: Bill Moyers PBS Interview

Ron Paul sets the record straight to those who claim he is a racist. To be a libertarian means to view everyone as an individual. To group people is inherently racist. Gays, Women, Blacks and people of all colors, sexes and orientation are simply individuals. Ron Paul doesn't support government grouping people and then forcing businesses or government to treat people differently depending on their group - even if this is perceived as a benefit. If we were to repeal the Civil Rights act, I don't think we'd go back to slavery or segregation.. and I don't believe that is what Ron Paul wants.

Ron Paul also makes the point clear that the government and other politicians running for president don't understand monetary policy, or don't want to talk about it. We're headed for a dollar crisis and we can't keep printing more money to fund an ever growing government and empire. All empires collapse after being overstretched overseas and domestically and then debasing the currency.

Ron Paul is also against corporations having control of our government and warns of a building Fascist state. I agree with Ron Paul in that we should be looking elsewhere for Information, like on the internet. I have given up on the Mainstream Media (MSM). I also agree that we shouldn't let the government regulate the internet, however we should make sure we can sue a corporation if they block access to information. The last thing we need is another FCC for the internet to prevent more wardrobe malfunctions. I'm sure it would be used by the growing fascist state to quell dissenting views.

Another thing we need to do, but Ron Paul isn't talking about it, is to remove the humans rights that corporations enjoy. corporations should only have privileges, just as our own government does. Thom Hartmann has been talking about this fact and goes into detail how this law was allowed to pass illegally! An inside court reporter who used to be a president for a railroad, changed the 'heading' on the court decision that said the railroads DID have rights when the decision is that they DID NOT.



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Hyper-Inflation has taken place in a variety of economies over the course of history. Hyper-Inflation is when prices double in price in a rapid fashion, such as every other day. This picture is of a German woman in 1923, who is burning her money because its cheaper than buying firewood.

"The main cause of hyperinflation is a massive and rapid increase in the amount of money, which is not supported by growth in the output of goods and services."

Very similar to what we are seeing today with the Central Banks injections of liquidity into the markets. "Fixing inflation with more inflation": see Bernanke's Helicopters. Btw, if you haven't seen this, check out Ron Paul RIP into Fed chairman Ben Bernanke at a congressional hearing about the dollar crisis!

"Hyperinflation is generally associated with paper money because the means to increasing the money supply with paper money is the simplest: add more zeroes to the plates and print, or even stamp old notes with new numbers. There have been numerous episodes of hyperinflation, followed by a return to "hard money". Older economies would revert to hard currency and barter when the circulating medium became excessively devalued, generally following a "run" on the store of value."

"One example of this is during periods of warfare, civil war, or intense internal conflict of other kinds: governments need to do whatever is necessary to continue fighting, since the alternative is defeat. Expenses cannot be cut significantly since the main outlay is armaments. Further, a civil war may make it difficult to raise taxes or to collect existing taxes. While in peacetime the deficit is financed by selling bonds, during a war it is typically difficult and expensive to borrow, especially if the war is going poorly for the government in question. The banking authorities, whether central or not, "monetize" the deficit, printing money to pay for the government's efforts to survive."

More info:

Ron Paul supports returning to money backed by a hard asset (to prevent the creation of money from thin air), and to create competitive currencies, so people could choose to put their money in currencies that were stable.

Rex 84

For those who say it can't happen here, check out Rex 84!

from wikipedia:

Rex 84, short for Readiness Exercise 1984, was a plan by the United States federal government to test their ability to detain large numbers of American citizens in case of massive civil unrest or national emergency. Exercises similar to Rex 84 happen periodically.[1] Plans for roundups of persons in the United States in times of crisis are constructed during periods of increased political repression such as the Palmer Raids and the McCarthy Era. For example, from 1967 to 1971 the FBI kept a list of persons to be rounded up as subversive, dubbed the "ADEX" list.[2]

Read more:

We need to shut down the FEMA / Haliburton Concentration camps!!! Naomi Wolf's message needs to be spread far and wide..