Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Oprah Submission

I submitted this to Oprah.com under upcoming shows - what matters to you ?

imagine if Oprah talks about these subjects.....

I suggest you submit something you care about to her. her audience is HUGE and people look up to her. and she cares about humanity. if enough of us contact her it could make a big impact. Ron Paul was on the view today, so the momentum is building!!!


I'm a self employed musician living in las vegas (originally from san luis obispo, california).

I've become extremely concerned with government taking away our civil liberties in the name of our safety. the war on terror, the war on drugs, the war on communism... they have all taken away our rights over the years.

We're at a point where we have on the books all the parts needed to turn us into a fascist state.

I'm extremely concerned

The two people I believe you should have on your show are

1) Naomi Wolf (author of the beauty myth and now the end of America (10 steps to fascism that we have taken))
2) Ron Paul (anti-war republican candidate who realizes that our economy is falling apart and we are spreading fear around the world. he is the only candidate I can trust)

thank you very much for your consideration

ps. I have a blog where I have more information about these subjects - infopatriots.org

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