Friday, December 14, 2007

Obama currently supports S 1959 "thought crime bill"

This blog shows the response he received from Obama's office regarding S 1959. It shows no sign of concern from Obama about the vague definitions in the bill. No concern for this new committee's efforts to be used against activists and it's potential disregard of the 1st amendment.

I'd like to get a statement from Obama on this issue as some of my friends are Obama supporters and now Oprah is touring with him on the campaign trail!!

Is this ignorance or is this corruption? Most politicians didn't even read the Patriot Act. Is Obama ignorant or is he part of the system? Does Obama worry about this country becoming an Empire? Is Obama concerned with the "10 steps to fascism" that are being taken place here in the US to turn our democracy into a fascist state as talked about by Naomi Wolf?

Keep in mind Obama is a member of the CFR - like most democrats and republicans (except ron paul and a few others). The CFR is a think tank that is openly for world government and has written the blueprint for the North American Union (NAU)!

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