Friday, December 14, 2007

Minted Amero Coins

Made in the Denver Mint, with their signature "D". These are trying to be dimissed as "fantasy coins", but this is purely spin. The creator has made other "fantasy coins" which then were made into real currency. Looks like a test run that was leaked out..



Anonymous said...

"The creator has made other "fantasy coins" which then were made into real currency." Curious where you got that info--however, Amero fantasy coins is definitely .999 silver... a good investment.

Zachary Stowasser said...

I found it somewhere on an internet search that was trying to debunk its significance, and then another site that talked about how it was leaked. I should have linked those sites! sorry. Silver and Gold should be good investments, but with all the market manipulation going on, it takes some guts to stick through it. The wild card is that if all world governments inflate their currency, the dollar will hold its value, relative, which will keep metals low. Our system is so ridiculous. Have you seen "money as debt" ? I have it linked under "important links" on the top of the blog. An amazing video.

Anonymous said...

the word of the day is: proven

not conspiracy

- said...

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