Saturday, December 8, 2007

Mike Gravel & NI4D

I like this guy!! He should team up with Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich to lead the revolution! While all three men have different views, they all are against the war on terror, the war in Iraq and the war on drugs! Both Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich are strong voices for protecting the constitution! I'm sure Gravel would get on board...

Mike Gravel was instrumental in stopping the draft after Vietnam and helped prevent it from coming back! Also Gravel put out the "pentagon papers" revealing the secret government actions related to Vietnam. Gravel is also behind NI4D which would allow citizens to be lawmakers by a constitutional amendment. NI4D would give people the same power as the government. NI4D is a good alternative to returning to state rights with limited government power, which our founding fathers envisioned.

If only Gravel would get behind abolishing the federal reserve and a return to sound money..

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