Monday, December 10, 2007

Iran, the dollar standard and our future.

Iran has completely stopped using the dollar for oil transactions. What does this mean?

Iraq stopped using dollars in 2000. This is one of the reasons why we invaded Iraq and one of the reasons why we've been so aggressive to Iran (even though they stopped their nuclear weapons program in 2003). We've also been very aggressive towards Venezuela and Hugo Chavez who is joining forces with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to pressure OPEC to stop using dollars.

Here's what Ahmadinejad had to say about the dollar: "They get our oil and give us a worthless piece of paper,'' said Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at press conference today. ``The dollar has no economic value."

Other countries such as the United Arab Emirates (an OPEC member) are starting to move away from using dollars in oil transactions. In 2006, Russia setup a new market to sell oil in forms other than dollars.

The countries of the world own tons of dollars so they can trade oil with our currency. Because of this, the value of our dollar stays high. More and more countries are starting to abandon the dollar, which is leading to it's eventual collapse. However in a twisted way, the collapse of the dollar will also mean the elimination of our debt since it is held in dollars! Many banks and countries will be drastically affected. We're talking global economic chaos here.

The US is currently using it's military might to prop up the value of the dollar. However, the only way to keep up the financing our American Empire is to print more money and to increase our debt. But as we "print" more dollars, the value drops (simple supply/demand). Once the dollar collapses, countries like China and Japan won't buy our dollars to finance our debt.

This means we will be seeing drastic worldwide change. At minimum it will be financially. Economically we will definitely see change short term as Americans can't buy their worthless plastic goods from wal-mart, I believe this is a good thing. Our Economy will rebound eventually, I believe Americans are hard workers when put to a task. But who knows exactly what will happen?? We have a fascist police state on the books and warmongers in the white house and even more corrupt politicians trying to get in office.

We will be seeing great change in the future. I suggest you prepare for the worst and hope for the best. This means live somewhere sustainable (access to food and water) and use real money or local bartering. Hold your representatives accountable and question authority. We need a peaceful revolution of change. I look forward to a future where people have more compassion and appreciation for others. Less waste and less fear.

We need more politicians like Ron Paul who push for liberty, sound money, freedom and PEACE.

much love.


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