Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Imagine a better future

Let's imagine a better future. One with peace, understanding, compassion and love for all.

While this blog shows the evil in the world, we must not dwell on it. Let's use it as a wakeup call to be more active in our communities. And from this inspiration and call to for change, we can help shape the world in our image.

No longer will we accept 'the lesser of two evils' as an option. Let's have higher standards for politics and society. Fear, corruption and war are not acceptable and those who participate should be voted out or should resign immediately.

Often I hear from people that Ron Paul can't win, or that a candidate can't run on values of respect of the law and the constitution, and who is not a crook. If you believe that to be reality, it will stay that way. The question we must ask to them is, what kind of reality do you want?

For those who have seen "The Secret", you'll understand the law of attraction. We create our own reality. We can do anything we put our mind to. So let's focus on the positive things we want and not dwell on the evils, and use this concept when talking to people. Show hope for the future based on concern of where things are going.

Let's not be doomers and gloomers. Let's be happy, positive, upbeat and passionate for positive change!!!

Think, Imagine and FEEL the reality of a peaceful, prosperous society that is brimming with LIBERTY!

much love to all! :)

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