Sunday, November 4, 2007

Ron Paul Intro

Ron Paul: A True Patriot. Defender of the Constitution.

I've spent the last week reading, watching and discussing Ron Paul and his issues. The more I look into his concepts, the more they make sense. I understand where he's coming from. It's pretty simple: complex issues are best decided at the local level and the Federal Government doesn't have the authority to regulate our rights. The States and The People should have control over their own affairs.

Our national debt is out of control (Currently 9trillion), the dollar is at historic lows and falling, oil is at record highs. We should stop the spending, then reduce our taxes so our economy can thrive and survive! Our monetary system should be backed by a physical asset, like Gold to limit spending. Currently the Federal Reserve (A private bank) can create money anytime they want, devaluing the dollar, and we pay them interest on the money they print us. Or they can restrict the amount of money in circulation, causing recessions and depressions (like in the 1930s).

For all the talk of National Health Care, we can't even think of paying for it when we have record debt. The current administration has increased the debt limit numerous of times. When George W. Bush took office, our national debt was at 2.1trillion. As of writing we have over 9trillion in debt and growing at 1.44 billion a day since September 2006.

Right now we spend about $1 trillion a year on our Military. We could have hundreds of billions of dollars in savings by shrinking our Military and getting them out of nation building and policing around the world (We have 750 bases in 130 countries). This type of spending is unsustainable, we're borrowing more and more money from China and Japan. China has threatened to call in their debts which would put us into bankruptcy. They have us by the balls.

Regarding National Security, being over in Iraq and other countries is only making them hate us more. Pre-Emptive strikes breeds violence and fear. Think about it this way, if China had pre-emptively struck us or our neighbors, don't you think we'd be afraid and fight back? How can we have this double standard. Our founding fathers wanted us to stay out of other nations affairs and worry about our own.

As we transition back to what our founding fathers wanted, some services will remain to those dependent on them. But most of the fat will be trimmed. The CIA will be removed (The CIA got us into Vietnam, countless other 'wars' and has helped overthrow many governments around the world including Iran in the 1950s). Homeland Security is unnecessary (the fbi was doing fine pre-9/11, but the people in power weren't listening). The IRS enforces an illegal federal income tax, The Federal Reserve is a private organization that controls our money, The Department of Energy promotes the use of oil and isn't doing enough for Alternative Energies, The War On Drugs should be a health issue, not a police issue! All of these federal organizations are setup with good intentions, but we have learned the hard way that they simply aren't serving our interests and they take away our liberty, power and control over our own lives.

But people may object to cutting these services because this means you don't care about the people. Not at all, look at it this way, for example in eliminating The Department of Education. This doesn't mean that we don't care about our kids or education, it's the simple fact that the government is doing a poor job. How can the Federal Government and the politicians in washington understand the varied needs from state to state. "No Child Left Behind" is a good example of why The Department of Education is doing more harm than good and is a waste of money. Just ask any teachers or parents about it!. Let the local administrations handle requirements based on the needs of the community.

The Federal Government has no Constitutional authority to regulate our freedoms and liberties. The role of Government should be to protect liberty. This is the very fundamental concept that Ron Paul is running on: Get the Government off our backs! Restore Freedom and Liberty! Let the free market, communities and individuals take care of themselves!


For those who haven't seen this quick 1minute youtube video, it's the clip that brought me to tears and temporarily cured my apathy! Ron should be using this for his TV & Internet campaigns.

For more detailed information about Ron Paul you can check a variety of sources, I'll list the 3 best that I know of:

1 Hour Google Interview + Q&A - the longest and most detailed interview on Ron Paul that answered a few of my lingering questions and worries.

Ron Paul Intro - A good starting point. The site is designed like a slide show with links to videos of clips of speeches / interviews / reviews.

Ron Paul Official Page - I feel his stance on roe vs wade and the environment aren't fully explained here and it initially held me back from being passionate. But once you understand the fundamental change that must be taken, it all makes sense. Get the federal government out of it and let the states decide controversial issues that are best handled locally. To protect the environment, we should extend property rights of individuals to include water, air and land. Then, and only then would the government would have the right to get involved.

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