Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ron Paul Fundraising

Just received this from the campaign, looks like if everyone waits until December 16th, it could really hurt..


November 20, 2007

During the first few days of October, we announced our fundraising goal for the fourth quarter: $12 million raised by December 31.

But there's more: we need to have spent it by then, too.

If we were to raise the entire $12 million in the last week of December, we would meet our fundraising goal for the quarter. But Ron Paul would stand little chance of winning the Republican nomination, because that money would have come in too late.

Time is of the essence. You see, we need to raise money well before we plan to spend it. That's because most of the expenditures that we make need to be paid for weeks in advance. For example, we need to buy crucial airtime for the end of December right now.

The sooner we raise this money, the sooner that we can spread Dr. Paul's message - our message - in the early primary states. Time truly is money.

Fact is, we only have about two weeks to raise money for the early primaries.

If you wait a month from now to donate, your money will only be spent after Iowa caucus-goers and New Hampshire primary voters have made up their minds.

We are rapidly running out of time. The Iowa caucus is just 44 days away. New Hampshire is in 49 days. With so much ground to make up, we can't afford to waste a single day.

As a result, we are spending faster than the rate at which we are raising money. In October alone, we raised $2.8 million, but our campaign spent over $3.1 million.

We cannot afford to wait for bursts of press activity. What we need is sustained attention in the news. What better way to do this than by continuing to raise money at a rapid pace now? We need to keep our momentum going.

Help us win in New Hampshire, Iowa, South Carolina, and Nevada.

Make your most generous contribution as soon as you can: https://www.ronpaul2008.com/donate.


Richard Brodie said...


I wonder why RP would have plugged Teaparty in his speech at UNLV last night, if the campaign really does see it as better not to delay contributing just to get a big record breaking press moment. They need to give some guidance such as: "donate now half of what you had planned for December 16th, saving the remainder for the Teaparty," or "forget the Teaparty and donate everything now."

Zachary Stowasser said...

I agree, its very confusing! The problem here is that the grassroots is taking over the campaign!!! which isn't necessarily a bad thing.. but there should be better organization!