Friday, November 16, 2007

North American Union & SPP

The Security and Prosperity Partnership will be making decisions affecting trade between the three countries and pressure will be put upon the countries to follow these rules and regulations. The SPP interests will be put ahead of United States interests. The permanent un-elected panel that decides for the SPP will be permanent and we as American citizens have no control over this. This will eventually lead to a European-Union like structure, the North American Union, and the abolishment of the U.S. Constitution with a new form of money tentatively called the "Amero".

Here's the Council on Foreign Relations' article on creating a North American Union, the intro by Richard M. Haas describes the 2005 Texas meeting that happened between the three leaders of North America and their agreement for the SPP. About the CFR: basically all the presidential candidates from both sides except Ron Paul are members of the CFR! Also the CFR openly advocates a New World Order aka One World Government.

The beginning of this One World Government is the North American Union. And before a North American Union, there is the SPP, which is being developed in private. Our president with help from the CFR have decided for us. Please read for yourself, I have. It sounds like a good idea, we need access to resources, security, etc.. but can't we do this without the SPP? Why can't we work out trade like we always have? There isn't a reason given.. I've read into it and it's obvious to me, it's largely for control and resources, including Oil. This partnership will allow U.S. Countries to invest and pressure the Mexicans to allow us to drill their Oil. The Mexicans have resisted drilling their reserves because they want to save it for themselves. Without Oil, our economy as we know it will cease to exist. Our economy is unsustainable, why keep abusing the constitution for more Oil? When will we decide that we must change our habits instead? How much more damage will we do to our environment? How many more people must we kill and controlling? How many more countries must we invade? More and more, actions by our Government will be for control Oil and resources, and moving towards One World Government. Please think critically and stop trusting the Media and Government Officials!

This also explains why Bush and Co want amnesty for the illegals and no enforcement of our borders.. because the borders won't matter in the future!! why invest in them!!! The SPP plan is also justified by the war on terror!! How much will this war on terror cause? Will it end with a Police State under Martial Law like what was played out in the movie V for Vendetta or talked about in Alex Jones's new movie End Game?

There is a march against the SPP and the NAU this weekend in 9 cities which I will be taking part in! We must respect our constitution and our sovereignty!! We have done fine for hundreds of years, don't allow these people to take away our country and our rights!!

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