Friday, November 16, 2007

Nafta Superhighway and the Trans-Texas Corridor

Nafta Superhighway - Currently there is a SuperCorridor being built by a Spanish company through Texas that is taking away private land for a toll road. This massive 10lane road is called the Trans-Texas corridor. This SuperCorridor is an "inland port" where foreign drivers can drive through the united states freely and will deliver their products at Customs in major ports such as the one designated for Kansas City. This port will not be part of America but rather part of the North American Union on our soil.

The North American Union will render the constitution useless. Furthermore, this road will only benefit the global corporate elite ready to exploit the poor Mexican sweatshop workers and deliver these products to the United States and Canada. Also this will allow the U.S. to exploit Mexico and Canada's oil reserves. Economically this road will also hurt one of America's biggest jobs - Trucking, and further throw our Trade Deficit farther away from center, our money will continue to pour out of this country because our jobs are going to other countries. This will be a major reason why we will have a recession and possibly another great depression.

Ron Paul on the NAU and Trans-Texas Corridor:

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