Thursday, November 8, 2007

Hilary caught lying again!

she should be in jail over this, and the savings and loan scandal!

she lied about over a million dollars donated from a hollywood fundraiser in 2000 by peter paul and stan lee.. doh!

Hillary!Uncensored, The Final Cut 1 Hour Documentary, will debut on on November 5. Ranked as the 1 video on Google Top ... all » 100 videos in the world, the 13 minute unfinished "trailer" was leaked to the world on October 7, 2007 before it could be edited down to 3 minutes to promote the 1 hr film. It uses exclusive Home Videos of Hillary by her largest donor, Peter Paul, to expose the Illegalities that won her Senate Election & the Obstructions of Justice That Keep Her There- ( and ( «

I grew up thinking the clintons were great and now I'm finding out the truth.. New World Order, Bilderberg and CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) scum!

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