Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Sun and Global Warming

Here is a great counter-argument to Global Warming. It raises serious questions on the science of global warming and climate change and pokes some holes into the doomsday theories. This films thesis is what "causes" global warming. The producers of this film believe it is the sun. I also believe the sun plays a big impact but also realize that we CO2 and other elements such as water vapor are greenhouse gases that can "amplify" the effect of the warming.

In Al Gore's movie "An Inconvenient Truth", he shows the ice core samples and a ramp up of CO2. He shows CO2 causing the warming and then concludes that the earth will warm catastrophically. It's truly unfortunate that the graph showing temperature and CO2 levels going back through the ages was not shown in greater detail. According to this film "The Great Global Warming Swindle", The CO2 link is the other way around. The CO2 level changes followed exactly AFTER the temperature, not before. wow. this could be the 'oops of the century' .... The earth IS warming, this is true, but humans did not start the warming, but we are amplifying it. I think this is why the debate has changed to "Climate Change".

Many critics of this film cite outdated information that doesn't include todays numbers, but the point is that history shows us that temperature rises before the co2, not the other way around. So, maybe the "alarmist" theories of Climate Change aren't true?

Another point is that regardless of Climate Change being real or not, Peak Oil is. We only have so much oil and we are using it at a rapid pace. We need to stop relying on oil, reduce our consumption, recycle and reuse everything possible and move to a more sustainable future.

For the last 100 years or so, We have been raping our resources, sending species into extinction, polluting our water systems and food sources, destroying our topsoil and killing millions of people. When will we change? Will we wake up in time or will we be forced to change?

The video is about an hour long, the first 30minutes is really all you need to see.

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